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Will the Wonderful 101 Give the WiiU the Boost it Needs?

Things haven’t been great for the WiiU. In the nine months since the console’s release, very little in the way of interesting content has found its way to the Nintendo console, with the exception of a few release exclusives and the products of first-party developers. Nintendo’s support for the console seems to be waning in favor of handheld games, and there’s not much hope for relief for those regretting their WiiU purchases. Looming on the horizon, however, is the release of one of the console’s few third-party exclusives: The Wonderful 101, a neat-looking game developed by Platinum Games.

Platinum Games in its current incarnation hasn’t been around for very long, but the studio definitely has history. A good portion of the founders of Platinum Games (including the legendary Shinji Mikami) came from the ill-fated Clover Studio, developers of Viewtiful Joe (as well as the cult hits God Hand and Okami); this pedigree definitely helps to explain the studio’s penchant for making games that are both incredibly stylish and flat-out crazy.