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Oscura: Lost Light Review

Oscura: Lost Light Review

There have been quite a few platformers that make use of the visuals made popular by Limbo — shadowed foreground and muted backgrounds accentuated by lighting to exude a dream-like atmosphere. This new one developed by Chocolate Liberation Front and published by Surprise Attack Games keeps to that concept faithfully enough.

Odd World: New ’n’ Tasty and Paparazzi.

It’s not easy going from janitor to traitor to everyone’s salvation in a day but Abe from Oddworld has to do it. It also isn’t easy being the celebrity everyone wants a picture of but in Paparazzi your are going to do your darnedest to get that picture or escape photo less.

Epic Games for the Motion Sick

Do you want to be a gaming hero but find you are a sickly beast? A wonder on your feet and a weeper in the car? If you get motion sick playing free-roaming video games it can be hard to find something to play that is equally as awesome and doesn’t want to make you vomit. Here’s my favourite top three side-scrolling platformers to play so that you can continue feeding your gaming addiction.