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Kickstarter Round-Up: October 2014

2014 may very well be the end of the honeymoon between videogames and Kickstarter but that’s not to say that this month wasn’t without its crowdsourced gems. Read on for our full round-up.

Kickstarter Round-Up: August 2014

Last month’s Yogadventures-debacle may have been one of the most high-profile Kickstarter failures to date but it’s done nothing to stem the tide of great games vying for funding through Kickstarter. Read on for this month’s round-up.

Kickstarter Round-Up: June 2014

In the wake of some pretty high profile and highly successful Kickstarters last month, things seem to be a bit quieter this time around. Read on for our full round-up for June.

Kickstarter Round-Up: April 2014

Leviathyn combs through Kickstarter this month to find the latest and greatest game projects – Fuzzy animals, eldtritch horrors and private detectives galore! Read on for the full monthly round-up.