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Kojima Leaving Konami A Blessing In Disguise?

While most people are talking about the fate of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, I think it’s a good idea to switch gears and explore the idea of a whole new frontier. Hideo Kojima is no longer shackled to pumping out MGS games, where does he go now?

Tales From the Game Shelf – Episode 5: Metal Gear Solid

While Coty weebs it up at an anime con this weekend, Adam takes over hosting duties! This week, Adam, Sam, Perry, and Daniel grab some cardboard boxes and sneak their way into Shadow Moses for a discussion on Hideo Kojima’s action/stealth/socio-political epic, Metal Gear Solid. Join us as the team discusses some of their favorite boss fights, the Unified Ocelot Theory, and ponder if Kojima just takes the “Kirby’s final smash from Brawl” approach to storytelling.