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iOS Review: The Hobbit- Kingdoms of Middle Earth

With the release of The Hobbit pressing ever closer Ben has taken the opportunity to review The Hobbit-Kingdoms of Middle Earth on the iOS. In amongst battles with goblins, resource troubles and aggressive players is this game worth the downloads and the hours of time you’re going to need to get anywhere with it.

Reasonably Priced Game of The Week: Episode III

Another week over, another great game at a low price to get you happy before Monday morning. This week, in light of my recent article about Assassins Creed and which assassin is best I felt it only right to showcase Ezio’s first game as my RPGoTW. So without further ado I present Assassins Creed 2 for under £6/$9.

Jurassic Park Builder: iOS Review

After watching Jurassic Park recently I decided to check out if any half decent game versions of the film had been released. I was promptly met with Jurassic Park Builder which is out for both Android and IOS. After a few weeks of being a park ranger here’s my verdict on ‘The Sims but with dinosaurs instead of people’ game.