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TERA Online Review

So say you’re an avid MMO player. You’ve been playing this genre for quite some time. We’ve seen tons of games come and go and some see moderate success or get crushed by the titans. You begin to wonder if the MMO genre will never evolve. You’ll just sit there playing the same damn thing over and over again until someone gets some grapefruits and tries something different. Now, I’m not saying TERA is original in all aspects. What I will say is that TERA takes gameplay aspects that we have seen in some low key MMOs and puts the ol’ World of Warcraft try into it.

TERA Online Review

Note: This review will be on-going. I will update it with thoughts from other writers and further points as I..

Preview: TERA

The Exiled Realm of Arborea, to be exact! In a nutshell: slap Rift together with DC Universe Online and you..