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Defiance Arkfall Codes List

If you’ve been playing Defiance you’ve probably heard of Arkfall Codes. And if you haven’t then you are playing the game with a slight disadvantage. Why? Because everyone else in the game has found a complete list like this one somewhere online.

Defiance Review: The Average MMO

Trion went into development of Defiance with lots of good ideas. A solid universe, solid mechanics, and fun gameplay. But did Trion’s ideas manifest themselves in-game? And how well does Defiance stack up against it’s MMO competitors?

Defiance Beta Preview: A Perfect MMO Experience

It doesn’t matter if you like following a storyline, playing matchmaking, adventuring with friends or just roaming around. Defiance is game that has a little bit of everything, but still does it all well. Follow Travis from Leviathyn as he relives his beta experiences in a preview for Trion’s new MMO.