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Tales From the Game Shelf – Episode 5: Pokémon Red & Blue

While our usual host takes a sabbatical to learn how to do his job, join Joe, Adam, and Perry as they return to the land of Kanto and reminisce about their youth as dog fighters Pokémon trainers. Join the gang as they recall their first Pokemon journey, make comparisons between Lucario and Lightning, and discus the quality of Pokemon creepy pastas. Also, Adam makes a faux pas that might cost him his job!

Gaming pastas

Now, if you watched my Youtube videos you’d know im a big fan of creepypasta, the inernet equivilent of campfire stories. There are creepypastas about monsters, slenderman, mental illness, TV shows, and yes, even video games.
Unfortunatly, a lot of gaming pastas are incredibly dissapointing.