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Seven Deadly Sins of Online Gaming

When playing online we all shortly realize there’s a set of unwritten rules that are expected to be followed, obviously there are those few who don’t. In consideration that Call of Duty ( One of the most popular, console based, multiplayer games) has a new installment I thought it would be beneficial to clarify these unwritten rules, better known as the seven deadly sins of online gaming.

Apocalypse Survival Guide: Top 4 Weapons to Have At The End

Many of you may be aware that on December 21st of this year the world is scheduled to end, according to the long dead civilisation of the Mayans…If the world was ending and things were going seriously wrong wouldn’t you like to know what to arm yourself with? Well I have performed the public service of compiling the top four weapons from four top games for defending yourself from whatever the end may throw at you.