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The 5 HD Collections Gamers Need Now

Every so often a series will re-release a compilation of their old titles in one new HD release. It’s great to conveniently play through a series in better graphics whether it’s the first time you’ve played the games or the 100th. Here are 5 HD Collections that Travis Freese from Leviathyn.com would love to see available.

Oldies but Goodies: Age of Empires III

The Age of Empires series has been a stalwart in the real time strategy genre since its first installment back in 1997. Age of Empires II (released in 1999) was so popular that they recently redid it in HD. Age of Empires III (2005), on the other hand, is just up to date enough that nobody is interested in revamping it, but just old enough that there really aren’t a whole lot of people talking about it anymore.

Why Turtling Is Awesome

One of the most fun, yet least effective strategies in any real-time strategy game is turtling. Turtling refers to a..

The Death of the RTS?

Sometimes, I just feel this urge to start mining resources. In this day and age, where good real-time strategy games..