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From Space to Shining Space: Nintendo’s 2D Versus 3D Platforming

In light of such critical acclaim attributed to its recent hit of Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo’s platforming talent has never been better in a time now crowded with such strong peers like Rayman Legends and Tearaway. All the while, the medium’s been clearly divided over whether to abandon its two dimensional roots or more fully embrace its fresher three-dimensional visions. With the company’s eyes set on keeping our favorite Italian plumber jumping around the block for a long time to come, there’s a question to be made: Are platformers’ futures in one dimension or the other?

Why the 2DS is a Great Idea

That’s right the 2DS was created with small children in mind not adults. It was created as a more durable and affordable option for parents, and by not taking this into consideration, people are selling the 2DS short.