Join Leviathyn

Why not get paid for doing something you love? There are tons of free blogging communities but hardly any offer getting a piece of the action for posting the content. Leviathyn, our site for the love about games and gaming, offers revenue for your post. You can literally make any amount, it all depends on how well your post does. If you’re writing on IGN or Game Informer ‘s personal blogs, you could be making revenue here. You’re already doing what you love, why not get something back for doing it?

How Does It Work?

Our revenue share is split 90/10 (you/us) of the banner impressions you receive on your work. The more traffic your posts receive, the more revenue you’ll generate from your content. We also offer direct paid posts (posts we request with a set amount attached) and some posts are 100% yours. You’ll be able to login and see how much traffic your post received and how much it has earned. It might not offer a full time job, but it’s nice to be rewarded from doing something you love to share with others.

Why Should I Jump In?

Are you interested in starting  a career in the games industry? Then you’ll already know that you’ll need a rock star portfolio to get that job. Over the years we’ve seen many up and coming games journalists start their career path here, we have a pretty good track record on helping people get into the industry. Whether you want to be a freelancer or a full time paid journalist, you’ll need to be writing more and often to compete in the industry.

We offer a few more tips and how to’s than most blogs around. You’ll be given your own email address associated with this site to contact industry as well as online documentation / webinars on how to create quality content.

How to Apply!

Complete the following form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours if we feel you’d be a great addition to the Leviathyn team. Please be aware that we receive a lot of submissions and due to the amount of openings available, we can not accept everyone. Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you!

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