Black Lightning Strikes Next Spring

DC continues to make waves after a stellar Comic-Con. Not just in live-action and animation. Comics are getting some love too, including one of the most iconic heroes in DC history as Black Lightning Vol.1 releases next spring!

Robin: Month Four

This month, The Son of Batman is front in center for the first issue of his solo series. Before you pick up the comic book though, take a moment to learn a bit about the latest and most deadly Boy Wonder to date!

Robin: Month Three

After looking over the histories of Jason Todd and Dick Grayson, we move on to the third Robin: Tim Drake! We’ll briefly look over his history and his contributions to the Robin mythos.

Robin: Month Two

Jason Todd is a pretty controversial figure in the DC Universe to fans. Some hated him and got him killed, then loved him upon his quasi-return, until his actual return. We explore who Jason Todd is as we prepare to see another Robin get his solo spotlight!

Robin: Month One

A look back at the men who would all hold the mantle of Robin alongside Batman, in preparation of Damian Wayne’s first ongoing solo, coming in June.