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What We Want to See in the Sims 4

I’ve always been a Sims fan, but I’ll admit I just got into playing the Sims 3 a couple of weeks ago. The slight mechanic and interface changes, as well as the Sims 3 and DLC price tags were enough to scare me into sticking with the Sims 2. But now that I’ve logged a little too much of my summer time playing the Sims 3, I’m ready and excited about the possibilities of the Sims 4. Here are some mechanics and features that need to make their way into the the next Sims.

Legends of Dawn Review

Legends of Dawn made it. What started as a Kickstarter campaign has ended with a fully launched old school style RPG. But while the company was successful, the game was not.

The Pros and Cons of Xbox One’s Reputation System

Microsoft recently announced their new reputation system that is to be launched with the Xbox One. In an effort to promote a more positive and fun gaming community, player’s reputations will now actually affect their online experiences. Travis Freese from Leviathyn takes a look at the good and bad of this kind of system.

Scrolls Beta Impressions

Mojang doesn’t just do Minecraft anymore, they’re expanding. And they’re expanding into a much different genre with their new game Scrolls. Hear what Travis Freese from Leviathyn has to say about this new game.

Storm Review: Just Another Indie Platformer

Storm, indie developer Eko Studio’s indie platformer has finally made its big Steam debut. What was originally made for the console has now been ported to the PC and is available for 25% off (Until July 4th). But if you’ve found your way to this review and you’re trying to decide if it’s worth the $7.50-$10.00, my answer is: maybe.

Don’t Be Fooled, Next Generation Games Will Not be $60

If you’ve been keeping up on your next generation console announcements than you’ve heard the next generation should keep to the $60 price tag for new games. But after reading a little further into their announcements, developer and publisher announcements, and the history of game prices, I’m not convinced that they’ll stay at this price.