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How To “Cook” Blue Rock Candy In Time For “Breaking Bad.”

It’s no joke that some people want to take their fandom to new heights and new levels, but rarely does a TV Show or Video Game have a crucial plot element that can be prepared in 20 minutes or less. In this article, I’m going to explain how to “cook” crystal blue rock candy in celebration of the “Breaking Bad” premiere tonight. All you’ll need is some Granulated Sugar, Corn Syrup, and Blue Food Coloring.

Review: True Blood 6×09: “Life Matters”

We’ve been through a lot of drama lately on “True Blood,” haven’t we? With Alan Ball stepping down as Show-Runner starting with Season 6, fans wondered how the show’s direction would change, if it would at all. Now that we’re on the semi-season finale, we have finally concluded the current story arc with “Life Matters,” or so it seems.

Five Things To Do Before Watching The “Breaking Bad” Premiere

If you’re like me, then you are anticipating the final eight episodes of “Breaking Bad” this Sunday, Aug. 11. And if you’re also like me, you are seeking even MORE ways to show your enthusiasm for the series on your Facebook posts. Well, sit back and relax as I inform you of five things that you absolutely can’t watch “Breaking Bad” without doing at least once on your Facebook account.