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Tales From the Game Shelf – Episode 6: I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

The TFtGS team decided to tackle something a bit spookier this month with Harlan Ellison’s famous foray into the videogame world. Join, Perry, Joe, Coty and Patrick as they look at the incredibly disturbing, unsettling, and nightmarish I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. Tune in and listen to the group’s thoughts on the game’s narrative, puzzles, and an AI that makes the likes of GlaDOS and Shodan look like upstanding citizens.

Tales From the Game Shelf – Episode 5: Metal Gear Solid

While Coty weebs it up at an anime con this weekend, Adam takes over hosting duties! This week, Adam, Sam, Perry, and Daniel grab some cardboard boxes and sneak their way into Shadow Moses for a discussion on Hideo Kojima’s action/stealth/socio-political epic, Metal Gear Solid. Join us as the team discusses some of their favorite boss fights, the Unified Ocelot Theory, and ponder if Kojima just takes the “Kirby’s final smash from Brawl” approach to storytelling.

Tales From the Game Shelf – Episode 5: Pokémon Red & Blue

While our usual host takes a sabbatical to learn how to do his job, join Joe, Adam, and Perry as they return to the land of Kanto and reminisce about their youth as dog fighters Pokémon trainers. Join the gang as they recall their first Pokemon journey, make comparisons between Lucario and Lightning, and discus the quality of Pokemon creepy pastas. Also, Adam makes a faux pas that might cost him his job!

Azure Striker Gunvolt Review: Like a Bolt out of the Blue!

Azure Striker Gunvolt Review: Like a Bolt out of the Blue!

While we haven’t seen the Blue Bomber in a game of his own for quite some time, the minds behind Mega Man have been hard at work creating new titles to carry on the legacy of one of gaming’s finest. The recently released Azure Striker Gunvolt for the 3DS borrows aspects from the Mega Man X and Zero series and infuses enough new elements to give the game a classic but fresh feel. Inti Creates new boy in blue provides a solid, albeit slightly flawed, first outing.

Tales From the Game Shelf – Episode 4: Shadow of the Colossus

After weeks of battling the colossi of moving into a new apartment and FTP errors, Coty has at last uploaded the next episode of Tales from the Game Shelf. This week, join Coty, Martine, Tim, and Stephen set foot in the forbidden land to discuss one of the most critically acclaimed games of the sixth generation, Shadow of the Colossus. Join the crew as they talk about the benefits of minimalist storytelling, game design, and gaming’s most bad-ass horse!

Tales From the Game Shelf – Episode 3: Portal

After a brief hiatus, Tales From the Game Shelf makes its triumphant return! This week, Joe, Coty, Martine, Tim, and Perry take a trip to Aperture Labs and talk about Portal and Portal 2. Join them as they consider what it takes to be an Aperture employee, the ethics of a murderous A.I,, and if love and compassion can truly exist in the circuits of one of gaming’s most famous and snarky murderous, mechanical, masterminds.

Smash Bros. Invitational is a Smashing Success

The Super Smash Bros. Invitational was a riveting success and a heck of a lot of fun to watch. I loved seeing all of the fans get super excited for the game and finally getting to see more of the WiiU version in action was great. I hope that Nintendo does indeed take the show on the road and host more tournaments in the near future. It’s one thing to create a quality game, but it takes something special to build such a fun and passionate community.