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Ready to Dominate an Escape Room?: 10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Win

Whether you love the thrill of a team in a spooky room or solving games in the comfort of your own underpants, escape games rule. You might be an expert online, but can you handle the pressure in a real one?

If you are considering an outing in an escape room game or playing online, here are a few helpful tips to help you get out.

Your Escape Room Game

Escape the room games require thought, detective work and a bit of luck. Unless you play online, where someone has to show how clever they are by posting all the answers.

1. Get a Strong Team

People who are willing to participate, excited by the challenge and want to have fun. You don’t need to be experienced, just willing to play.

2. Divide The Room

The team divided but together.

Get each member to look for clues, items you need, like keys or pieces of puzzles.

3. Look Everywhere

Under the corner of the rug. Behind the picture.

If you find something in a drawer, keep looking. There may be a false bottom.

4. Don’t Overthink It

This is important when you are trying to solve the puzzles. A clue can seem very complicated but it really isn’t. A simple number for letter code, A=1 could be all it is. Have a strategy.

5. Listen

The instructions are very important, as are the rules. Listening equals solving. Communication is key. Listen to your teammates, all clues and talk it all out together.

6. Solve All Puzzles

The puzzles are the way to move to the next room, or level or escape the room you’re in. Some will be very tricky and some will be so obvious, you miss them because you’re stuck on tip number four.

7. Rotate and Look Again

When you have exhausted looking and feel you have covered it all, each member takes a new space. Fresh eyes find the paperclip stuck under the fish tank.

8. Watch for Red Herrings

They are standard. Don’t get blinded by them.

They are meant to confuse you but be smarter than that.

9. Work as a Team

No one needs a lone wolf. You’re in together, you get out together.

No one likes the clever clogs who needs to solve all the puzzles and find all the clues all the time.

10. Keep Notes

List items you find and where you find them. Keep clear notes about each room, which drawer and what was found where. You often have to return to places to unlock or get additional information.

Get Me Out

Consider an escape room game for your next outing. It makes a great group activity for any occasion and any age. Please check here for Lexington Escape Room Prices.

Adding a bit of fun into corporate functions can take the ‘corporate’ right out of it. Using team building games that are fun actually work a lot better and help build morale and friendships. Continue here for some ideas.