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Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which Service Deserves Your Subscription?

Over 70 million people pay for Spotify Premium. And over 40 million people subscribe to Apple Music.

That means that over 110 million people pay for a subscription to one of these two services. And chances are that you are one of those people, but are you paying for the right service?

Debates over Apple Music and Spotify have ravaged the internet for years. And because both services work well, deciding your favorite may be difficult.

Lucky for you, we know about them both, and by the time you finish this article, you’ll know which one you like more.

Read on to decide between Apple Music vs. Spotify.

Apple Music

Apple Music came on the scene in 2015, and while it started with music alone, Apple plans to expand it into more. The service started offering video in 2016, and Apple produces shows for the service.


Spotify streams became a popular music way to listen to music when it debuted in 2008. Since then, it has grown in popularity all around the world.

Spotify, unlike Apple Music, is a Sweedish company. But it does have offices in the United States.

Music Library

The two services have a similar amount of music available for users. On paper, though, it doesn’t seem that way.

Apple Music has about 45 million songs, while Spotify has 35 million. But this number is a bit misleading.

Apple Music only has more options for listening. Some of those extra songs are not anything you would want to hear unless your music is underground.

For a while, Apple Music released music before you could get it anywhere else. But it has been some time since this has happened.

Unless you’re looking for niche music, Apple Music and Spotify will both give you all the music you want. This factor shouldn’t make your decision for you.


Pricing for Spotify and Apple Music is quite similar. At $9.99 a month, you can get full access to either service.

There are annual and family subscriptions. But again, these subscriptions have a similar price point. Family plans are $19.99 while students pay $4.99 for their subscription.

If you are a student, Spotify is the better option when it comes to price. Both cost you $4.99, but Spotify students also have access to Showtime and Hulu for free.

If you’re not a student, either one might work for you. Again, these two services have an equal match.

App Appearance and Availability

In software, Spotify and Apple music are head to head. Both have unique styles and colors. In this case, you might have a personal preference, but neither is better for everyone.

Spotify may pull ahead because it is more available than Apple. Apple Music is available on Apple products only, which removes gaming consoles. But Spotify is available on most devices, even Apple ones.

Apple Music vs. Spotify: The Final Decision

Now that you know more about each service, did you decide your favorite? Let us know who you think the winner is in Apple Music vs. Spotify debate in the comments below.

Keep it peaceful though. At least none of us use Pandora anymore.

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