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4 Insanely Fun Games You Can Play with RC Cars

RC cars are good for hours of fun all on their own.

While everyone already knows about races and obstacle courses, there’s a world of possibilities out there for RC car lovers. All you need is a little extra creativity.

Here are four of the best crazy fun RC car games you and your friends are sure to love. Check them out!

1. Balloon Tag

This game requires a little bit of setup and adult supervision–but it’s well worth the effort.

Balloon tag involves attaching three small inflated balloons to the back of your RC car, and one small thumbtack or needle to the front.

You can probably figure out what comes next on your own.

This game takes a lot of fancy maneuvering and skill. While you’re trying to pop all your opponents’ balloons, they’re trying to pop yours.

If we could offer any advice, it would be to set up a solid barricade around your play area–or be ready to watch your ankles.

Once you lose all your balloons, you’re out of the game. The last person standing wins, whether they have all their balloons left or just one.

2. Soccer

It’s a real-life take on a not-so-surprisingly super fun video game.

The best part about RC car soccer is that you only need two cars and a ball to be able to play. Although, the more players you have, the more fun the game is.

All you have to do to play is set up two goal areas, drop the ball in the middle of your “field” and pick up your controllers.

You can play RC soccer on a clock, like regular soccer. But, it’s worth noting that due to the lack of control over the ball this version of the game is more fun when played at a faster pace.

So maybe play for five to ten minutes at a time rather than the standard 45 or so minutes.

Also, depending on the type of RC car you have, a regular regulation soccer ball might be a little heavy. So, you might want to play with something lighter such as a beach ball.

3. Bowling

If you think the only thing more fun than bowling is crashing RC cars into stuff, then have we got something fun for you.

RC bowling combines the best of both worlds and is a fun game people of all age groups are sure to enjoy.

The goal is the same as regular bowling; you want to knock down as many pins as possible. But instead of rolling a ball, you’re driving an RC car as fast and as straight as you can.

Mark out a bowling lane or lanes using something your car will be able to drive over, such as chalk or tape. If your tires go over that line at any point, consider it a gutter ball.

Remember, depending on the type of RC car you’re using you’ll likely need to use something lighter than what you would regularly use. Real bowling pins could cause a lot of damage to RC cars.

Instead, gather up ten two-liter bottles, and do a few practice shots to determine how far apart you should place them for your cars.

4. Pictionary

Pictionary is one of those classic party games that will never go out of style.

Mix it with RC cars, and you’ve got the ultimate party game your guests are sure to love.

While you can use any combination of drawing utensils and surfaces to play, the best combo is a large taped down piece of paper and a fresh marker.

For this game, all you need to do is attach a writing tool to the back of an RC car and set the timer.

Pictionary can be hard enough on its own, especially if you’re not the best at drawing. Trying to create legible images with an RC car is a completely different ball game, which makes it that much more fun.

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The Best Weird RC Car Games

RC cars are fun all by themselves.

That said, these RC car games add a completely new level to your RC experience.

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