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10 Unforgettable Live Wedding Bands Worth Hearing Anytime

At the end of the day, there’s nothing like having an exceptional wedding band to get your celebration done right.

Playing music off of a speaker can only do so much to rile up a wedding, make a personalized experience, and create lasting memories. That being said, how can you really know that the band at your wedding is going to do the job? Read this article, that’s how.

Here’s a list of 10 great live wedding bands.

10 Unforgettable Live Wedding Bands

We’ve got a little bit everything on this list, so make sure to keep an open mind and imagine all possible options at your wedding.

1. Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue has a distinctive take on a lot of the classics that have come about over the past 50 years. With a wide range of songs at their disposal, you could easily ask them to play songs from any decade, and they would not disappoint.

2. The Power X

This in high demand, so you might want to start trying to book them now. In fact, they’re one of the most popular wedding bands in the country. A lot of wedding bands can seem like they are trying to hard, but this one makes it look easy.

Whether it’s the talented vocalists, tight compositions, or blazing horn section, you’ll be more than happy with this bands stuff.

3. WildHeart Band

This band might be the longest running one on our list, meaning that they’ve satisfied audiences for years while making a living at it. Something that proves the test of time is always a solid option.

They have a wide range of song choices. Different genres, styles, and appeals are all at their disposal, making it easy to tailor the music to any variety that you wish.

4. Emerald Electric Strings

If you’re looking for something a little more airy and traditional, the Emerald Electric Strings band has you covered. They are a collection of talented musicians who play the strings.

If you’re seeking class, you’ve got it here.

5. Millennial Beat Band

This band is a little more modern and bound to keep the younger audiences rolling into the night. These sets are high-energy if you’re not looking for another stingy old wedding.

Hire this band if you’ve got a young crowd who loves to dance!

6. The Chinatown Band

The Chinatown band is another one on our list that has lasted the test of time. High energy sets, availability for special events, and more.

7. Hot House West

These guys have the classic look and style down to a tee. Playing folk and gypsy jazz, there’s no doubt that the band will have you feeling what they’re feeling. Jazz is always a great option, no matter what variety.

Visit for exceptional jazz bands in the Los Angeles area.

8. Tuscan Wedding String Quartet

This band can accommodate for any style of music that you’d like. They do have the classical string arrangement, but they can whip out the classics along with the classicals.

9. Posh Rhythm Orchestra

If you’re looking for a little swing, look no further. The Posh Rhythm Orchestra is a highly sought after swing band that specializes in weddings. There’s no doubt that with a little instruction, everyone at the wedding will be hopping off their heels.

10. Michael Lucarelli

For a more subdued feel, try searching for limited, yet talented instrumentation. Michael Lucarelli is an exceptional classical guitar player who can set the mood for you and your guests.

Explore Your Options

Live wedding bands are all over the place. Maybe the ones that you have been missing are just waiting for you with a quick google search. This goes with anything in life– make sure to explore a few options.

If you’re interested in finding exciting entertainment that you might not have heard about, we have all the information you need.