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The 5 Best Surfing Movies of All-Time

The surfing community truly is something like no other. Every surfer – no matter how old they are or where they come from – can instantly connect with another over their shared love of the ocean.

It’s not like people who go to the beach all the time, or love fishing, or know how to drive a boat. A surfer has a connection to the ocean that only a surfer can understand. That’s just how it goes.

But, non-surfers can get a glimpse of how strong this passion really is when they watch surfing movies. Surfers also love watching these, especially when the swells in their backyard are low or when they’ve been injured.

If you’re interested in learning a bit about surf culture or what the thrill of catching a wave is all about, check out some of the best surfing movies of all-time listed below.

1. North Shore, 1987

When most people hear the word “surfing”, they think of the California coast or Hawaiian waves. North Shore is set on one of the most popular surf destinations in Hawaii, Oahu.

It’s a story about a man who wants to learn how to surf and ventures to this well-known surfer’s hub to do it. Along the way, he encounters romance and learns what surfing really means to those who’ve found their deep love for the ocean.

2. Point Break, 1991

While North Shore appeals to the heart with romantic love and a surfer’s passion, Point Break is all about chasing a thrill. The movie keeps you on your toes in more ways than one.

The most obvious of which is the big waves and the cool moves shown by the surfers in the film. The interesting twist on this surf movie, though, is the crime that’s factored in. The main character is an undercover agent trying to catch a surfing gang by becoming one of their own.

3. Occy the Occumentary, 1998

The first two surf movies on this list are fictional stories that surfers can appreciate for their charm and creativity. Occy the Occumentary, though, is based on a true story you have to see to believe.

Released in 1998, the movie follows the story of Mark Occhilupo, a well-known Australian surfer. The “Occumentary” shows viewers where his passion for surfing began and how it lead him to achieve such an amazing comeback in his professional surfing career.

If you want to watch a fun, modern-day film about an Aussie surfer, check out this Peter Spann Film of a fictional surfer girl coming of age and learning some of life’s hardest lessons by catching waves.

4. Thicker Than Water, 2000

Up next is Thicker Than Water. This one is a real story of some of the world’s top surfers. It follows them for a year and a half as they chase waves all around the globe.

The movie is thrilling, inspiring, and absolutely beautiful. The shots do their best to do the real waves and amazing surfing abilities justice.

5. Castles in the Sky, 2010

Last but not least, Castles in the Sky. The most recent of all the surfing movies on this list, the film is about the best secret surf spots around the world.

Also following top surfers and producing great shots, Castles in the Sky is nothing short of breathtaking. It takes the audience to parts of the surfing world that some people don’t even know exist – like Iceland, Peru, and India.

The Best Surfing Movies of Then and Now

As great as all the best surfing movies mentioned above are, the most recent of which is already 8 years old. There are many other great surfing movies that were released more recently. Plus, additional surf movies worth watching came out before any of the ones on this list!

Still, all of them no matter how old or new have a way of giving viewers a glimpse into the world of surfing. They are amazing stories of the love of surfing, the ocean, and the community with whom we all share the world’s waters.

For more films on the ocean from a non-surfing perspective, click here.

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