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Who Are the Top Gaming YouTubers That You Need to Follow?

If you had told us ten years ago that we could be getting rich by filming ourselves playing video games, we would have skipped college. Unless someone invents the time machine, it looks like we missed our calling on that.

However, you can live vicariously through some of these top gaming YouTubers that hit when the time was right. Learn about four of them below.


If you’re a gamer who doesn’t stick to one game or one genre, you’ll love ElRubiusOMG. He’s a Latin YouTuber who’s description is in Spanish, but does his videos in English or in Spanish with subtitles.

His accent is a little thick, but it’s easy enough to understand. He plays Minecraft, Skyrim, GTA 5 and nothing else “predetermined”. He uploads videos he thinks his channel would like and has over 30 million subscribers.

There is some personal content on his channel, it’s not all games all the time. If you want a specific game, duck into his playlists where they’re listed by category. Don’t write off his less structured stuff, some of it is funny as hell.


What is it with Spanish speakers and gaming vids? We don’t know, but 28-year-old Samuel de Luque Batuecas from Spain also makes our list. He dabbles in Minecraft but likes more violent games too.

Watch him play Grand Theft Auto, Rainbow Six or Resident Evil on his channel. He has fewer subscribers than ElRubiusOMG above, only clocking in at 23 million.

He has less personal content than our other Spanish friend. His videos are well organized into playlists, so it’s easy to find what you want to watch.

His videos are in Spanish, so you could tell your Spanish teacher you’re doing language practice. The closed captions are Spanish too, but you can auto-translate them in the settings.

Did you know that Adventure time is “Hours for the Adventure” (directly translated) in Spanish? We both learned something today!


Before Logan Paul went a little bit. . . off the rails with his channel, he and Markiplier were tied for fourth highest played Youtuber in the world.

That was in 2017 before Logan Paul went to Japan. Mark Fischbach is the genius behind comedic video game videos and sketches. He has about 20 million followers and gets paid more than 10 million a year.

Yeah, we wish right? Check out his videos and playlists for sketches and animated game parodies. Want to be like him? You can sell videos online!

His videos are in English, so watch away!


Pewdiepie used to be a big deal on YouTube until some bad behavior on his part got him into trouble. Thankfully, 27-year-old Sean William McLoughlin from Ireland got a shout-out that made him famous before all that went down.

According to Sean, he’s the “most consistently energetic video game commentator on YouTube”. Ok, well it was in his bio at one time. He’s also a “player with a big heart who just wants to have fun and make people happy”.

Follow him and be one of his twenty million-ish subscribers.

Top Gaming YouTubers

You can learn a lot by watching people who play better than you, no matter your game of choice.

These top gaming YouTubers can teach you something, even if it’s a small tip. Subscribe to their channel to know when they put out something new.

Want to keep learning new gaming tips and tricks? Check out our blog, we put out new content all the time!

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