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How You Can Make Your Wedding a Video Game Wedding

Nowadays, even large fortune 500 companies understand that games are a great way for people to bond. So when two families are coming together till death do them part, why not let games be part of that celebration?

If you and your significant other are self-proclaimed geeks, you can have a blast putting on a video game wedding.

It’s unique, it’s fun and best of all it’s a reflection of the two of you. Read on for a boatload of video game wedding ideas you’ll love to incorporate into your big day.

Announce Your Video Game Themed Wedding

The invitation os the first chance you get to tell everyone just how epic your big day is going to be.

Have fun with it and throw stuffy, conventional invitation ideas out the window. Just be careful not to make your invitations look like a Comicon recycling bin threw up on them. Here are some suggestions

8-bit Wedding Invitations

Do you want your gamer wedding to feature various games? Or maybe you haven’t quite narrowed it down to which video game is going to be the theme, go for an 8-bit invitation.

The invites will look cute with a bride and groom turned 8-bit. You can download the clipart and design your own invitations for a thrifty and adorable invite that is sure to be pinned to the fridge by all your guests.

Make sure to have one framed and hang it around your home as a reminder of your special, unique, gamer wedding.

Invites Starring You

Many wedding invitations have pictures of the bride and groom. Why not take it up a level and show you and your partner star in a comic book?

You can have full-color cartoons of the two of you or use your engagement pictures in comic book format. Super nerdy + super customizable = super awesome!

Cosplay Bridal Party

One of the best ways to level up your video gamed themed wedding is by extending the theme to the bridal party attire.

You can cosplay as characters in the game you love, or just use the game as accents in your traditional wedding clothes.

For example, if you are having a Minecraft wedding, the bride can wear a “diamond” necklace and the groom can wear an 8-bit tie. These subtle accents don’t take away from the brides dress in any way. And you can have a blast adding 3D Minecraft creatures all over the place at your reception.

On the other hand, you can do extravagant and go for a full cosplay costume complete with elf ears and colored contact lenses as needed. This is your special day, you can wear what you want!

Bridal Bouquet and Boutonnieres

Besides the bride’s dress, her bouquet is the second thing most eyes will be drawn to. Keep the theme going with a themed bouquet and boutonnieres.

There are so many video game wedding ideas out there, so here’s just a couple of ideas.

1. Wrap controllers around floral bouquets. This can be done for the bridesmaids as well as the bride.

2. Be subtle and use the colors from your favorite game and small lego-sized action figures as accents in the petals.

3. Forget natural flowers and go for a felt Super Mario Galaxy bouquet, complete with hovering stars and mushrooms. Best of all, it won’t wilt.

The sky is the limit with bouquets and boutonnieres because these items are, traditionally, arrangements of different items. You can be as subtle or are flashy as you like. Just don’t forget to take close-ups!

The Perfect Gamer Wedding Cake

Nothing shows off your theme better than an Instagram- and Pinterest- worthy tiered themed cake.

Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing:

Mario Themed Wedding Cake

Why not make the classic wedding dessert a homage to the classic video game that started it all? With fondant and food coloring, your baker can include Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, Yoshi and at the top – a castle.

Everyone always wants to take a picture with the bride and groom beside the cake. This time there will be a lineup!

A Collection of Games

Maybe your video game themed wedding does not focus on one particular game but is a tribute to the love of games the two of your share. If so, the cake is a place where you can go wild with a collection of all of your favorites.

Let your inspiration free and come up with a mini-story that takes place on a 3-tiered wedding cake. You can show off your favorite characters having an epic quest around the cake. Mr. Pacman can chase Yoshi around a race track while Zelda climbs a Minecraft tower!

Wedding Cake Topper

If you have your heart set on a traditional wedding cake, you can keep your gamer wedding theme going on the cake with a fun topper.

These can be purchased already made. For example, instead of a bride and groom standing, you could have the little figurines sitting with remotes in their hands.

You could also get a wedding cake topper that is custom made out of fondant to reflect you and your partner.

A unique wedding cake topper is the icing on the cake (literally) for video game weddings.

Add Fun to your Wedding

If you are looking up video game wedding ideas, it’s highly likely that you like to have fun! It’s a great idea to carry that enthusiasm for games into your wedding reception.

Game Inspired Photo Booth

Lots of wedding receptions have a photo booth for guests. Many of them even have fun props for guests to use.

Make your wedding epic with a game-inspired photo booth. If you are crafty, paint a scenic background from your favorite world. Build some props out of cardboard boxes or sew simple costumes.

Bring Games to the Wedding

Do you hate dance floors? Don’t have one. Who says a wedding reception has to include dinner and dancing.

It’s perfectly acceptable for video game weddings to break the mold.

Have guitar hero set up or dance dance revolution for your guests to play. Or set up a big screen and the top must-play PS4 racing games. Challenge grandma to a lap around the track!

You can set up a bunch of arcade games if that’s more your style on the dance room floor. Or have tables with your fave board games brought out after dinner. Who knows, maybe aunt Midge will get into Carcassone thanks to you.

When it’s time for you and your new husband or wife to leave for your honeymoon, let your guests wave you off in style. Buy some sparklers online and hand them out so people can line the parking lot and give you a gorgeous sendoff.

Keep the Theme Going with Table arrangements

Again, your guests’ tables allow you to be subtle or epic with your theme.

Instead of numbering your tables, you could name each after worlds or locations in your favorite games. Or you can label tables by character names. “Legend of Zelda can now come up to the buffet” has a nice ring to it.

If your theme has to do with Mario, you can use real or artificial tiny cacti as the centerpieces. Throw in shooting starts or red and white accents and you have a beautiful muted accent that elegantly promotes your gamer wedding theme.

Wedding Guest Favors

The wedding guest favors are the final bonus level at the end of an excellent game. They are your chance to give your guests a little more themed magic right at the end.

Regardless of your budget, you can give out favors that complement your theme. A budget-friendly option is to fill small boxes of chocolate gold coins. You could draw a cute little question mark on the top of the box with a marker.

Another fun idea is to give local maple syrup, jam or honey as thank you gifts. You could put a square of polka-dot fabric on top to turn your gift into one-up mushrooms. Let your guests know that you and your new bride or groom are meant to be by gifting two jars, one with peanut butter and one with jelly.

Sugar cookies are a popular wedding guest favor. You could order or make your own sugar cookies in the shape of remote controllers, Pacman characters, or meeples.

You can’t go wrong with edible guest favors. Chances are they will be eaten before your guests make it to the parking lot.

If you want to give non-food guest favors, you could give out prepaid Bitcoin gift cards. Another option is to gift a small card game like Uno, snap, or Munchkins. Who wouldn’t love that?

Final Thoughts on your Video Game Wedding

The most important thing to remember when planning your wedding is that this special day is about the pair of you. You should try to ignore those well-meaning people who try to steer you away from your gamer wedding.

Even if they are right and in 10 years you are no longer into games (gasp), at the time you celebrated your union without something you both loved at the time.

And that’s exactly what a wedding is all about – celebrating the union of two people in love. So you do you, and enjoy your epic wedding!

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