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6 Great Gaming Trade Show Display Ideas to Really Stand Out

Given that most people who attend trade shows will travel over 400 miles to get there, you need to give people something that feels worth the trip.

When you’re working on your trade show display ideas, you might be struggling to figure out what to print on your signage.

Don’t worry–we’ve got you covered. Here are 6 great ideas for what to put on your promotional signage for your next trade show.

1. Have an Exclusive Demo

If you’re working on an exciting new game, nothing is more valuable during development than finding out what people think.

The attendees of a trade show are the ideal audience to ask about your latest creative venture. However, if you just go up to them and ask them what they think, you might turn them off.

Your table could be the place where people come to check out the game that has the whole trade show buzzing. Your trade show display could be what draws people in in the first place.

For a company that’s built a reputation for creating interesting and exciting games, a demo could have people queuing up for the length of the day. Word will get around fast–all thanks to your sign.

2. Print a Face-in-Hole

If you’ve made some iconic characters or some interesting looking creatures, you could make a face-in-hole to let people take photos.

Photos of your branded creations will make the rounds online and get people excited about your company. People who visit the face-in-hole display will be turned into brand ambassadors whether they realize it or not.

If you have a hashtag that you’ve been itching to use, now could be the time to roll it out. You can run a contest with your face-in-hole promotion to reward the best face or the most popular post.

The most popular poster could win a free copy of a game or a cool swag bag. Make sure that your convention booth has lots of swag to give away and props to go along with your face-in-hole display. You could fast become the most fun booth at the entire convention.

3. Make a Schedule

One of the things that is always challenging at a convention is knowing what’s happening next and where. There are never enough maps. And it’s never easy to find out which room you need to be in to see your favorite designer or producer.

Your trade show display could solve all of that. If you lay out a clear schedule of what’s going on when and where, you’ll be considered a hero to the visitors to your booth.

They’ll be happy that someone helped them to be informed about what’s going on at the convention. They’ll also be happy to know that someone else recognizes the need for a centralized schedule.

4. Announce a Giveaway

If you’ve got a lot of cool and coveted gear, announcing a giveaway could be the aim of your display signage. Everyone loves to get free stuff and would be happy to trade their email address for some of your cool products.

You also get some benefits from doing this. If you’ve been around for awhile, you probably have some interesting items that have been discontinued.

There could be mega fans who still want to get their hands on a dynamic gift. You could give away one in a contest that visitors just fill out a form to enter.

However, those entry forms are more than just their ticket to winning the giveaway. They’re also a way for you to gather information about your fan base. You could learn their average age, where they’re concentrated around the country, or what their favorite TV shows are.

You could even find out what their favorite energy supplements are. That way, you can target your next product collaboration to cater to your customers.

You’ll learn where to buy advertising, where to concentrate your marketing efforts, and what kind of demographic you’re catering to.

5. Celebrate an Achievement

If you’ve just celebrated a big milestone, your display could announce that in big bold letters.

If you’ve just reached your 10th year, your 10 millionth download, or your 10th major release, let your clients know about it. Celebrate with them by announcing a giveaway or a party after the day’s events.

Your loyal customers will be excited to be a part of history. They’ll be happy for you and proud that they were part of something that’s grown so much. When you celebrate with your customers, you celebrate with the people who love you the most.

6. Solve a Problem

You could even use your display to help solve a problem that you’ve seen people have over and over at conventions. People often get lost looking for other people at conventions. People also struggle to find the things they’re looking for.

If you want to be useful to everyone, you could just make a big sign that says “meet your friend here.” While this might seem like a waste of your own sign, it will help people to centralize around your booth. You’ll end up with lots of unintended traffic when people say, “Meet me at the ‘meet your friend here’ sign.”

You could also just help people out by creating a huge map of the entire venue, with your booth as the central location. Again, you’ll end up getting a lot of residual traffic just for offering an added bonus.

Trade Show Display Ideas Don’t Have to Be New

If you saw some great trade show display ideas as a previous event, don’t be afraid to borrow some of what you saw.

There are some great ways to engage with your customers at a trade show. So take whatever opportunities you think will allow you to connect with your audience.

If you want to focus your display on something more interesting, like the health benefits of gaming, check out our guide for answers.