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Top 10 Celebrities Who Love to Vape

If you enjoy the flavor and relaxing feeling of a smoke but don’t want to get addicted, there are ways around this habit. Welcome to the world of vaping!

It’s popular everywhere, and vape shops constantly pop up all over the United States. Did you know that you’re not alone when it comes to catching a smoke, and there’s plenty of celebrities who vape, too?

Learn more about 10 famous people who vape and why some of them made the switch to this healthier alternative.

1. Among the Celebrities Who Vape is Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio has gotten spotted with his own Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0, which he’s customized with other modifications. He’s taken his vape everywhere, including the Academy Awards.

Vaping allows people to vape in public places since it doesn’t have the stigmatization that cigarettes do. One of the benefits of vaping is that you can enjoy anytime you need a break.

2. Johnny Depp Started the Trend of Vaping

Johnny Depp is one of the first celebrities to start the trend of vaping. Favoring box mods over vape pens, the star prefers to use one of these instead of smoking a cigarette.

Today, there are millions of different choices when it comes to what type of e-juice you’d like to use. View here for more ideas if you’re in need of a new flavor.

3. Katherine Heigl Made her Guest Appearance About it

When Katherine Heigl made an appearance on the David Letterman show, she didn’t come alone, choosing to bring her vape pen with her. She convinced host Letterman to take a puff off it as well.

Heigl’s found her vape pen works well in restaurants and uses it in her car. If you’re worried about the smell, celebrity vapers trust in the fact that this is a useful way to get a fix without stinking up the car.

4. Katy Perry Does it to Relax

Singer Katy Perry gets spotted with her vape frequently. When hosting parties, Perry likes to bring out her sleek pen and vape with it while enjoying refreshments.

If you ever worry about how others deal with the smell of smoke, consider a vape pen. It’s not as harmful as cigarettes are, and many people find the different flavors enjoyable, rather than offensive.

5. Jack Nicholson Does it to Get Healthy

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, when actors were supposed to smoke for a role, they had to use real cigarettes. Nowadays there are fake alternatives, so they don’t need to get hooked on tobacco.

Jack Nicholson has found that using a vape is not only socially acceptable, but enjoyable as well. With different flavors, he can combine custom juices and make a blend that’s just right for him.

Although vaping gets viewed as a millennial trend, Nicholson proves that anyone can do it and it makes a better alternative than supporting tobacco.

6. Willie Nelson Found an Alterative with Vaping

Many people know that Willie Nelson supports marijuana as a safer and healthier way of smoking than tobacco. The more folks discover about the marijuana plant, the healthier they realize it is.

Willie Nelson found that he could get all the benefits of the plant and still enjoy it in a healthy way thanks to his vaporizer. If you live in a state where it’s legal to use the oils of this plant, you could take a tip from the famous country musician and try this method for smoking without the harmful effects of paper.

7. Samual L. Jackson Discovered the Joy of Vaping

Samual L. Jackson has been an actor for many years, but it’s only recently that he’s joined the list of celebrity vapers. While he’s smoked in the past, Jackson’s discovered how useful it is to vape, and even does so at public poetry readings.

The switch is easy for many people. That’s because vaping offers the same feelings as smoking a cigar or cigarette, but it’s less harmful and accepted by people, unlike the alternatives.

8. Lindsey Lohan Makes an Effort to Try Vaping as an Alternative to Smoking

Lindsey Lohan is known for turning heads and getting in the news for her antics. While not all of them show her in the most positive light, she’s recently gotten attention as a vaper, and that’s a good thing.

Vaping is less harmful to the body and helps people who find themselves addicted to other substances, and need something easier on their system. Lohan started vaping around 2011, which puts her right up there with Johnny Depp and makes her one of the first vapers in the celeb world.

9. Simon Cowell Found Vaping Easier

Simon Cowell, the famous American Idol judge, was long known for his smoking habits. Like most smokers, he found it difficult to break but didn’t know what to do.

Vaping allowed him to make the switch, while still giving him the same hand-to-mouth motions that so many smokers crave. He’s praised his vape for offering a clean hit with lots of flavors, something that the alternative doesn’t do.

Fans who respect the well-known judge can find it easier to follow in his footsteps with a better habit and a positive attitude about the vaping scene.

10. Gamer PewDiePie Vapes According to Fans

PewDiePie is a Youtube legend. Known by most of his fans for his gaming and funny antics, the Swedish gamer has gotten caught with a vape on more than one occasion.

Fans took note and noticed that he had a box mod in one of his videos from 2016. Although he doesn’t openly vape in his videos, fans want to know more about his habits and what flavor he likes best.

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Vaping has grown in popularity. Celebrities who vape garner more attention to this fad, making people curious to learn more about vaping flavors and ways to enjoy smoking without a cigarette.

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