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5 Best Minecraft RPG Mods You’ll Want Today

Sure, you could play Minecraft right out of the box, but what’s the fun in that? With thousands of mods available, though, how can you choose which ones to try?

Asking about the best Minecraft RPG mods is a question that is as old as time. Assuming time started when Minecraft was released nearly a decade ago.

Don’t forget, not all Minecraft mods are compatible with each other. Not only that but some new mods are compatible with older versions of the game and vice versa.

Read on to learn about our the best Minecraft mods that will make you enjoy this game even more.

5 Best Minecraft RPG Mods

Whether you’re a Minecraft newbie or an experience Minecraft gamer, these mods will allow you to experience more of the game than ever.

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1. Journeymap

Journeymap is a classic mod that everyone loves and with good reason. Its function is simple enough. It really just generates a map of the area you’re exploring.

You can use it in two different modes; Fairplay and Unlimited. Fairplay limits some aspects like cave mapping and radar. The maps are viewable either in-game or in a browser window.

2. Pam’s Harvestcraft

Pam’s Harvestcraft is for users who are into the farming aspect of Minecraft.

If your favorite part of the game is the different ways you can cultivate the land, then you need to get this mod. It gives you access to dozens of new crops, beekeeping and more.

3. Chest Transporter: Essential Utility for Packrats

Chest Transporter is a must-have mod for the packrats among you. This mod may seem like a small thing, but a lot of players find it immensely useful.

Essentially, it gives you the ability to move chests without taking anything out of them. Without the mod, moving a chest is a laborious affair that requires you to remove everything from a chest, pick up and move said chest to a new location, replace the contents of the chest.

This gets tedious when you have to do it multiple times which is why someone created this mod that allows you to simply pick up and move a chest as you wish.

4. Minecraft Comes Alive

When you first start playing Minecraft, you’ll see that a big part of the game is interacting with the villagers you come across. However, this soon becomes boring just because all of the villagers are identical.

With Minecraft Comes Alive, you get access to a completely new set of villagers pulled from the Non-Player Characters. Furthermore, with these new characters, you have many more options for how you interact with them.

Along with enhanced dialogue options, there’s even a relationship system that allows you to marry a villager and start a family.

5. The Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest literally opens up a whole new world. Here you’ll find tons of new blocks, creatures, and items. This mod is perfect for people who have been playing the game for a while and want to continue, but have access to something completely new at the same time.

Best of all, The Twilight Forest takes place in another dimension so you can run it simultaneously with other mods and not run into any problems.


What do you think the best Minecraft RPG mods are? Did we miss any from our list?

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