marijuana documentaries on netflix

Marijuana Documentaries on Netflix You Need to Watch


Netflix is bustling with awesome documentaries on marijuana that’ll leave you more informed than before, and insanely entertained.

It’s no surprise that there’s controversy over legalization and the many uses of cannabis. Some praise its medicinal benefits, others believe it’s creating a generation of potheads.

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, learning more about this fascinating industry can only strengthen your knowledge and opinion.

Ready to start binge-watching? Keep reading for the top marijuana documentaries on Netflix that you need to see.

1. 4:20: The Documentary

This doc is a perfect starter for your Netflix-bingeing menu. Not only does it go over the history of 420, marijuana and its uses, but it explores the character of cannabis in the media.

How does the government portray it? What’s its reputation in other countries?

420 is a well-rounded documentary that discusses the anti-legalization argument from most governments and how the media has portrayed it.

2. The Culture High

If you’re looking for a weed documentary that explains both sides of the argument, but with jokes and hilarity mixed in, this one’s for you.

Watch it sober or watch it stoned, The Culture High discusses experiences and testimonies from people on both sides of the debate. You’ll see how some have been extremely benefited by marijuana, and why others fight against the green.

Did we mention the cast? Get ready for Seth Rogan, Snoop Dog, Sir Richard Branson, and Wiz Khalifa to blow your (sober or stoned) minds.

3. A NORML Life

This weed documentary on Netflix takes a more serious tone. Delving into the life-changing world of medicinal marijuana, you learn about how this drug helps those with health issues.

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), has been fighting this battle since 1965. You’ll see patients, medical practitioners, and caregivers discuss how using weed medicinally can change lives.

4. Super High Me

Remember that movie about that guy who ate McDonald’s every day for a month? This is the same thing, only with Doug Benson and weed.

For 30 days, he uses some form of marijuana daily. With regular checkups at the doctor, Benson demonstrates how consistent pot use affects the mind and body.

You can expect lots of jokes and stoner humor, but also some revelations on heavy cannabis use.

5. The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

This weed documentary on Netflix goes behind the curtain to expose the government’s true motive: keeping the pharmaceutical industry happy.

Pro-legalization activists often hit a brick wall with the government, especially when it comes to CBD oil and other medicinal forms. The Union explores the reasons why our government is so against it.

Expect to see interviews with politicians, doctors, growers, police officers, and other members of society with influence in this arena.

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Want More Marijuana Documentaries on Netflix?

The movies mentioned here are only the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of other pot-docs worth seeing that demonstrate all the sides of this fascinating drug.

Watching marijuana documentaries on Netflix is an awesome way to spend your downtime. For entertaining reads and other pot-related topics, check out our blog.

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