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3 Tips for Creating Your Own Home Movie

Are your kids and grandkids growing up way too fast? Do you want to make a home movie but are not sure how to get started?

Nowadays you can get good video on your phone. Instead of using a video camera, you can use your smartphone to take professional-quality video of your family.

There are a few things you need to know, and we’ll cover them in this article. Get ready to make a home movie that they’ll replay for years to come.

1. Which Side of My Phone Do I Use?

Although you might be used to having video calls with your grandkids using the front camera on your phone, you need to use the “back camera” for longer videos.

You should also be filming everything using the landscape option: it’ll look better when you show the footage. Using the back camera also means that you can put on the flash, which makes for a better quality home movie.

If you’re confused about how to access the back camera, there is an icon that looks like a camera surrounded by two arrows. Once you turn on your camera, you can flip the view screen so that it’s taking video in front of you.

2. What Should I Film?

The best thing about a home movie is that you can film anything you want. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations. They all make great movies and you can edit them with software like https://spark.adobe.com/make/video-intro-maker/.

It’s okay to do some experimenting to learn to work your camera and video editing software. Take some time and learn how to make montages and add video effects.

It can be difficult to make little kids stay in one place, so you should skip the tripod while they’re young. Once they get older, you can film them reading from a book, dancing, or singing. Ask them what they want to record.

3. How Important Is Light and Sound?

If you’re using your phone to record a home movie, you want to make sure that you have minimal background noise. You can always put a music track over the visuals when you use your editing software, but try to film without a lot of distractions.

Again, you can use the flash function on your camera for light, but ideally you would have an outside source of light that comes from behind you.

It can be tricky to film a home movie if your grandkids are in a play at school because there is often not enough lighting. If you can, try to get close to the stage instead of using the zoom on your camera.

Make a Home Movie like the Pros

Learning to make a home movie takes time and experimentation. Once you’ve got your movie complete, have a showing in a comfortable place in your home.

Some people want to become famous on social media, while others just want to have a record of their children’s highlights.

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