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How to Choose the Best Energy Supplements for Your Gaming Sessions

If you’re a hardcore gamer – I’m talking 50+ hours of screen time, a.k.a. a full-time job – you need all the help you can get. Your regimen has to be solid, your gameplay has to be on-point 24/7, and you can never, ever crash.

Professional or hardcore gamers need that extra boost of energy for those long gaming sessions. But when it comes to energy products, the decision is murky.

Here’s a guide to finding the right energy supplements for you.

Be Smart

As a disclaimer, make sure to consult with a doctor before taking any type of energy supplement. Some of them have severe side effects and might not work for your body. We know you want to stay alert during your sessions but we don’t want you spazzing out or, worse, getting addicted to supplements.

Be Health-Conscious

Choose your supplement with your health in mind. By that, we mean the health of your body/mind as well as your gameplay. You want to take a supplement that gives you the perfect amount of energy – not too much, not too little.

Zero crash, steady energy, and natural ingredients should be at the top of your list of energy supplement requirements. With that in mind, let’s see the best products out there…

Top Energy Supplements for Gamers

Here are the 3 supplements optimized for quality energy:

1. G Fuel

Gamma Labs comes out blazing by changing the supplement industry. Created for the hardcore gamer, G Fuel is a healthy alternative to rotten, unhealthy energy drinks.

Instead of plaguing your body with added sugars and jittery caffeine, this energy formula gives you calm, consistent energy throughout your session (with no crash).

G Fuel is versatile, comes in numerous flavors, and is sugar-free. Chock-full of moderate caffeine and antioxidants, plus Vitamins C, B6, and B12, this is a powder guaranteed to keep you focused on the game.

2. Bang

No, this isn’t a soda with added caffeine and paraded around as an “energy drink.”

Bang by VPX is low sugar, powered by 300 mg of caffeine along with BCAAs and creatine for improved cognition and brain health. The concentration you get with Bang is impressive and it comes in great-tasting flavors like SourHeads and Black Cherry Vanilla.

Tons of people claim this to be the best tasting energy drink on the market (and it’s low-sugar).

3. Indomethacin

This isn’t actually an energy supplement; rather, indomethacin is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that helps with gout pain.

Gout is a common problem for long-term gamers. Sitting in one spot for too long causes your body to have arthritis in your toes and other body parts. Obesity, dietary habits, and high blood sugar are all ways you can get gout; all of these causes are prevalent in hardcore gamers.

What indomethacin does is block the body’s inflammation-causing substances. That way, you can game comfortably and focus better on the tasks at hand.


Be smart, be healthy, and decide on one of these high-quality energy supplements for your next gaming session. Your gameplay and your mind will instantly improve.

And don’t worry: Turns out, your gaming addiction is quite healthy. Find out how!

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