iPhone X Cases

The Craziest iPhone X Cases You Can Find

The iPhone X has been out for four months now and though the sales have underperformed, millions of people do own the latest Apple device. If you are one of these lucky owners, you probably have purchased or are considering purchasing a case for your new smartphone.

And though there are plenty of cases that are serviceable, it’s likely that you haven’t found one that screams you yet. You want your phone to reflect some of your personality, not just blend in amongst the millions of other iPhones.

Thankfully, boring, bland, and functional are not your only options. There are plenty of great phone cases out there that not only provide great functionality but are unique and stylish.

We’ve put together this collection of crazy iPhone X cases so that you can pick out that is best suited for you. Read on to see these great cases!

First The Simpler Cases

Before we get into some of the wackier cases, there are some simpler iPhone X cases that are worth mentioning.

Uniqfind’s black or white gridline case provides a trendy minimalist style that can add some flair to your new iPhone X without being too adventurous. If you want to add a little more style to your phone but don’t want anything too extravagant, then we recommend this great option for you.

Next is the Incipio Esquire Series. This little case is unique not only in its pattern and style but also its composition: it has a soft cotton finish. If you’re tired of bulky hard plastic, but still want stylish protection for your iPhone X, this may be the case for you.

If you’re looking for more protection, then you can’t go wrong with the Element Case Roll Cage Case. This is one of the most protective cases out there, thanks to its sturdy reinforced roll cage. The grey and black not stylish enough for you? They also offer this sturdy design in neon green and red.

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Protection At Its Finest

Speaking of protection, why stop with a metal roll cage? Why not go all the way to iPhone X cases made out of body armor?

The PITAKA Magcase is one the strongest (and lightest) iPhone X cases. The 100% Aramid fiber case is only 0.03in. thin and weighs a slim 0.49oz. You’ll barely notice it’s there!

The case is magnetic, perfectly designed to interact with PITAKA’s magnetic car mount. It also doesn’t interfere with the iPhone X’s wireless charging capabilities in any way whatsoever.

This case is five times stronger than steel and has one of the most comfortable grips out there too. For the minimalist who also wants great protection from their iPhone X cases, we cannot recommend this case highly enough. You can purchase this crazy case on Amazon.

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Cases for Athletes

Athletes! Ever wanted a case for your iPhone X that showed off your sporty aesthetic, but settled for a flimsy case with your favorite team’s logo? Well, you don’t have to settle anymore. Under Armor has a series of iPhone X cases that are perfect for you.

The Under Armor Protect Arsenal, Protect Stash, Protect Grip, and Protect Verge cases are great for any athletic iPhone X user.

The Arsenal offers a sleek design with a stylish tension cord on the back where you can store items such as credit cards or even keys. The Stash allows you to store up to three cards behind it’s sliding back compartment. The Grip adds improvement to the grip of your iPhone and the Verge offers a simple and trendy translucent design.

Athletes of all sorts will love these great iPhone X cases!

Fancy Cases

Those who want to display a little more flair with their iPhones will love these next few options.

If you love pretty flowers and sparkly glitter, then you need Case-Mate’s Karat Petals iPhone X case. The case contains real dried flowers and shimmering metallic buttons. Show off your girly flair with one of their three color options, pink, purple, or antique white.

For those with a more elegant style, we recommend Gear4’s Victoria Coral case. Lovely and fashionable, the coral designs on the translucent case will make your iPhone X stand out from the rest.

Ever wish that your iPhone was as well-dressed as you? Well, now it can be! Revested is an Italian company that makes fabulous phone cases dressed to the nines in Italian silk.

This Gold of Florence Silk iPhone X case just might steal attention away from even from your finest suit. A must-have for any dapper gentleman or clothing enthusiast.

Custom iPhone X Cases

Of course, the only one who can truly reflect your personality and style is you! So if none of these great iPhone X cases have caught your eye, maybe you should consider getting a custom design.

Custom Envy offers some of the best custom case design services out there. You can shop from their library of great designs or design your own! Whichever path you decide to take, the folks at Custom Envy will be able to give you the phone that shows the world who you are.

It’s Up To You!

We hope that this collection of iPhone X cases has been helpful for you. Now all that’s left is to decide which one belongs on your iPhone.

Will you go for something wacky or practical? Minimalist or extravagant? There are lots of great options to choose from.

We’d love to hear from you! Did you choose from our list or get a custom job? Did you go for a crazy design or a simpler one?

Let us know in the comments which case you’ll be putting on your iPhone X!