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Top 3 Xbox Games To Play in 2018

You think you’ve seen it all. That’s there’s absolutely no way a completely original gaming idea is possible. And then you see the list of Xbox games set to release in the new year.

Not only does Microsoft consistently deliver bigger and better games, they also manage to expand on the ways gamers can experience those games. Xbox Live is an example of that.

As of 2016, Microsoft reports 48 million gamers with Xbox Live subscriptions. A lot of this success is attributed to the addition of access to the Netflix library of movies and original series, plus the added bonus of free games through their Games with Gold offering.

Let’s check out three must-play Xbox games for 2018:

1) Superhot

Speaking of Games with Gold, if you’re not too late, this is one to download while you can. Released for free in mid-March, Superhot is being called “the most innovative FPS [first-person shooter] game in years.”

Unlike the usual guns a-blazin’ games of this genre, Superhot requires players to puzzle out ways to vanquish the enemy, while using slow-motion as a defensive tactic. With levels like Katana Only gameplay keeps you on your toes.

Even if you’ve missed out on the window for downloading it for free, review after review guarantees it is well worth the money.

2) Fortnite Battle Royale

There’s no way you can walk through the hallways of any middle or high school without hearing talk about battle buses, bush campers, and the circle. The last report lists a whopping 2 million simultaneous players.

The 100-player PvP (person versus person) game can also be played with teams of two or as squads of four. (Word on the street is that a 20-player squad option is set to be released for a limited time sometime this year.)

But if you think you can just sit back nice and comfy in your genuine leather gaming chair and build forts, think again. Epic Games recently announced that their PvE Save the World campaign is set to be offered for free sometime in 2018. No rest for you zombie killers!

3) Sea of Thieves

For those who still enjoy large open world, multiplayer, cooperative Xbox games, then you’ll want to be on the lookout for Sea of Thieves. The Xbox One game’s release date: March 20, 2018.

A swashbuckling adventure filled with buried treasure, rival pirate ships manned with other Xbox gamers — rather than computer-generated enemies — and pigs who like bananas(?).

Through teamwork and ingenuity players set sail trying to complete quests while following the necessary treasure map. Shipwrecks, gold, messages in bottles, and hand to hand combat make for a new adventure every time you play.

More Xbox Games to Come

If those 3 aren’t quite what you were looking for, don’t worry. Microsoft has an impressive line-up still to come this year.

Be on the lookout for games like Far Cry 5, State of Decay 2, and for fans of Nintendo’s Advance Wars, Wargroove has everything you could ask for in a bring back game created by a new developer (thank you Chucklefish!). And finally — yes, pun intended — Final Fantasy 7 (remade).

If we didn’t cover a game you’re interested in, check out our Xbox blog for in-depth reviews of other exciting games.

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