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Is Leonardo DiCaprio Still Smoking?

Jack Dawson was a smoker.

The part of a star-crossed Titanic passenger was far from Leonardo DiCaprio’s first foray into acting. But, the iconic role is what launched him into stardom.

Part of what made Rose — and half the globe — fall for the third-class passenger was his casual grace. A grace heightened by a cigarette held with an effortlessness only acquired through practice.

Because of that, Leonardo DiCaprio smoking in real life didn’t come as much of a surprise to his fans.

Since the Titanic days, Leo has risen from the ranks of a heart-throb to an Oscar-winning walking masterclass.

So, has Jack given up the habit?

It seems that Mr. DiCaprio has not given up smoking, at least, he hasn’t given it up completely.

Smoking on the Screen

Back in the 90s, the world fell in love with a brooding boyishly-handsome blonde, with piercing blue eyes and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

DiCaprio never tried to hide his being an avid smoker, so his using the habit to benefit his day job doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.

Several of DiCaprio’s greatest flicks feature the actor smoking either a pipe, a cigar, or cigarettes. Any means of creating a sultry smoky atmosphere.

Just because smoking Leo might be the actor’s most iconic look, that doesn’t mean he should do it off screen anymore.

The Famous Environmentalist

Leo has not let the golden megaphone super stardom provides go to waste. The actor has used his fame to become an enthusiastic and outspoken environmentalist.

The actor’s social media and award-show speeches are full of Earth-friendly messages. Because of this, Leonardo DiCaprio smoking would be pretty hypocritical.

As an environmentalist, Leo is likely aware how bad old-fashioned tobacco cigarettes are for the earth.

If he really cares as much as he says he does he’d probably give them up, or at least he’d find an alternative.

The Switch to Vapor

Mr. DiCaprio is many things — and subtle is not one of those things.

The actor has been spotted several times at various major Hollywood events puffing on his Advanced Personal Vaporizer, or vape pen.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his now famous vape pen have become a common sight. Whether the actor made the switch for the sake of his own health or the environment’s doesn’t seem to matter.

Vape pens are still working their way up to the same level of aesthetic refinement as cigarettes. And DiCaprio might have the class and star power required to give them the push they need.

It begs the question: where does an Oscar-winner buy his vape juice? Our money is on www.brokedick.com. Quality doesn’t have to cost the same as a first-class ticket on the Ship of Dreams.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio Smoking?

Cigarettes? Maybe in movies. But, off the silver screen, it looks like Leo has given up his life-long habit.

But, that’s not to say he’s given up everything. It would seem that DiCaprio is still a pretty big fan of his vape pen.

So don’t worry, you can still get your smokey DiCaprio fix, it’ll just be a little easier on the lungs.

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