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The 10 Best Animal Movies of All Time

There are generally two things that people of all age, color, and creed can agree on: cute animals and great movies.

So it makes sense that when you combine the two, you get a pretty great time.

Here are the ten best animal movies out there. How many have you seen?

1. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

If you grew up in the 1990s, there’s a high likelihood that your childhood included this incredible film.

Starring Chance, a goofy American bulldog, Sassy, a Siamese cat that more than lives up to her name, and Shadow, an elderly golden retriever, this is one of the quintessential animal movies for families to enjoy together.

A remake of a 1963 film (that was actually based on a novel), this fun adventure sees all three animals trying to find their way back home.

Throughout their journey, they stumble across obstacles like raging rivers and angry wildlife. It may sound like your typical film, but it boasts an impressive 87% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Kids and adults alike can enjoy this classic tale of bravery and unexpected friendship. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that it features an all-star voice cast including Michael J. Fox and Sally Field.

2. Cats and Dogs

While we’re talking about star-studded family films that are better than they have any right to be, we need to mention Cats and Dogs.

While we’d rather forget about the sequel, the first film is surprisingly entertaining. After all, what kid hasn’t wondered what their pet gets up to while they’re at school?

The story centers on the centuries-old rivalry between our favorite four-legged friends. Except there’s more at stake than a pet bed or squeaky toy, in this case.

It’s essentially a James Bond film starring animals, complete with nefarious villains and high-tech gadgetry. And if nothing else, it features a hilarious pun about CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

3. The Cat From Outer Space

Perhaps the most obscure of the animal movies on this list, it also has the distinction of being one of the only award-winning films you’ll find in our top 10.

The Cat From Outer Space is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. An extraterrestrial being crashes to earth.

With the help of his telekinetic collar and a few friends, Jake must do whatever it takes to get back to his home planet.

All in all, it isn’t the best movie out there, but it’s fun enough that both adults and kids will likely get a kick out of it.

4. The Secret Life of Pets

Illumination has a pretty strong track record, releasing animated hits like Despicable Me, Minions, and Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.

Yet their best film is likely the 2016 feature, The Secret Life of Pets, which is both hilarious and heartwarming.

Starring Louis CK as a jealous pup named Max, The Secret Life of Pets delves into surprisingly mature topics like the benefits of emotional support animals, loneliness, and love.

5. Air Bud

Dunking and dogs. What more do we really need to say?

Air Bud is simultaneously ridiculous and endearing, taking its inspiration from real-life hoop shooting hound Air Buddy.

The story centers around one boy’s bond with his golden retriever (and in subsequent films, his “golden receiver”) as he moves to a new town following his father’s untimely death.

Soon, the young boy and his pup begin playing basketball together, leading to Blue’s inclusion on the school team.

Truth be told, parents watching with their young ones may want to skip the first 15 minutes or so, as they’re a little grim and sad. Still, despite its sad start, Air Bud is one of the most popular animal films out there.

6. Zootopia

Zootopia makes a perfect double feature when paired with The Secret Life of Pets.

Like its counterpart, Zootopia is far deeper than it may appear on the surface. Its plot of a would-be detective bunny teaming up with a wise-cracking criminal fox has some not so subtle things to say about racism and sexism.

It’s a great lesson for kids, and parents are sure to be entertained throughout, as well. And its voice cast featuring the likes of Amy Poehler, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, and even musician Shakira bring this wonderful fantasy world to life.

7. Dr. Doolittle

Whether you’re a fan of the original Rex Harrison film or the 1998 Eddie Murphy remake, Dr. Doolittle is a great movie for anyone who has ever wanted to talk to animals.

A vet with a gift for understanding animals finds himself in over his head when his furry patients come to him for help.

It isn’t the most well-made series, but it’s funny enough to warrant a watch.

8. Lady and the Tramp

Is there anyone out there who can honestly say they don’t tear up watching Lady and the Tramp?

Between the classic soundtrack, and of course, the spaghetti scene, there’s so much to love about this Disney classic.

9. Jaws

Alright, maybe Jaws isn’t as adorable as any of the other animals on this list, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t the star of one of the scariest animal movies of all time.

If you’re somehow unaware of this legendary film, here’s all you need to know: a giant man-eating shark terrorizes a small beach community.

You’re going to need a bigger boat, and maybe a change of pants after watching this terrifying thriller.

10. Charlotte’s Web

Based on E.B. White’s timeless children’s novel, Charlotte’s Web is an absolute classic that teaches kids the value of kindness, and the importance of self-confidence.

As Wilbur finds himself frighteningly close to the butcher’s block, barn spider Charlotte, along with Templeton the rat and other barnyard buddies must devise a plan to save Wilbur’s life.

Some pig, indeed.

Which of These Animal Movies is Your Favorite?

So what do you think of this top 10 list of animal movies? Did your favorites make the cut?

If not, be sure to comment and let us know! And don’t forget to check out our film blog for more great lists, news, and reviews.