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Game Night: The Best Board Games for Groups

Do you ever have so many friends over that your regular board games just won’t cut it?

It’s hard being popular.

Luckily, there are tons of awesome games that can satisfy even the largest groups of friends and relatives.

Playing board games is shown to improve cognitive abilities and reduce the risk of certain mental diseases, like Alzheimer’s. It’s also just a really fun way to enjoy time with the people you love, without needing to spend loads of money.

Ready to discover some awesome new games?

Let’s do this.

Cards Against Humanity

If you haven’t heard about Cards Against Humanity yet, where have you been?

There’s a reason it’s considered one of the best board games ever.

This controversial game involves ‘filling the blanks’ in different cards, with the funniest/craziest/rudest answer winning.

The cards you’re given to ‘fill the blank’ could say anything from, ‘Your mother’ to ‘Disappointing sex’ – and it’s definitely not a game to play with kids.

You’ll also be given a set of blank cards, which you can fill in with anything you like, from ‘A litter of kittens’, to ‘Abogados accidentes’.

This game is guaranteed to be hilarious, and it works well with groups of all sizes.


Want to show off your musical knowledge?

Spontuneous is the game for you.

You’ll start with a list of words, and each round players will attempt to shout a song title containing that word. The first one to shout out wins – and things can get pretty competitive.

You won’t need any musical talent – you just need to know the names of songs.

Players can create their own word list, so the game never gets stale, and the difficulty can be altered according to who you’re playing with.

It’s a fun way to share your music tastes with the rest of the group, and you could even make a playlist from the winning songs.

This is one of the best board games for music-lovers.


This is a handheld electronic game, making it easy to travel with.

Players divide into two teams, and each round involves one player trying to get the rest of their team to guess the word or phrase that appears on the screen.

You’ll be forced to get creative with your descriptions, and being on the same wavelength as the rest of your team is essential.

This game works great with large groups, and things can quickly get heated.

This game is ideal if you don’t want to worry about carrying tons of cards or playing pieces with you. It’s perfect for holidays and days out.

Game of Phones

Did you think playing games meant putting your smartphone away for a change?

It doesn’t have to!

This game sets challenges using your mobile phone, like, ‘Text your parents. First to get a reply wins’ or, ‘Find your best selfie.’

It’s a really creative use of a device you tend to take for granted, and it’s popular with teenagers, making it a great choice for usually awkward family gatherings.

Ready to create awesome emoji art, find the weirdest Google image result, or show everyone the last photo you took?

Get Game of Phones today!

The Metagame

Wishing you could play Cards Against Humanity with the family, but don’t want grandpa to die of embarrassment?

The Metagame could be the one for you.

It has a similar ‘fill the blank’ format, but the cards you’ll use are all based on culture, with options like, ‘The Mona Lisa’, ‘Medical Marijuana’, and ‘Unicorns’.

There are six different games you can play using the cards, so it won’t get dull as quickly as other games can.

There’s nothing too risque involved, so it’s perfect for playing with all your relatives – or just a more conservative group of friends.

The ‘Massively Multiplayer Metagame’ is ideal for big groups, since there’s no maximum to the number of players who can get involved.

Hot Seat

Ever wished you were a guest on a late-night chat show?

When you play Hot Seat, that dream can become a reality.

It’s another card-based game, but it’s based more on personal anecdotes than witty jokes.

Each round sees one player answer a question about themselves, like, “What’s your weirdest fantasy?”, while ‘in the hot seat’.

The catch?

All the other players will also answer the same question – as if they were the person in the hot seat.

The ensuing answers can be rude, hilarious, ridiculous… it all depends on who you’re playing with.

Since it’s more about having fun than winning points, this game is perfect for big groups who want to get to know each other better.

This is one of the best board games you’ll ever play.


Want a game that lets you show off your artistic abilities, and works for a big group?

You have to get Telestrations.

It’s like Chinese whispers but with drawings, and you’ll be guessing what other players have drawn, then attempting to recreate the items yourself.

The guesses can quickly get pretty outlandish, and this game is sure to create tons of laughs for you and your mates.

It’s not about being great at drawing, so is suitable for anyone who can hold a pencil – kids and adults alike.

Bigger groups make this game even more fun than usual, so don’t worry that you’ve got too many players.

It’s also easy to transport, with a wipe-clean flipchart for drawing.

How to Choose the Best Board Games for Your Group

Choosing the best board games for large groups can be tricky, especially if you don’t want a game that lasts hours.

All the games above are great for fast-paced, humor-filled games, and most are easy to travel with.

Some games, like Cards Against Humanities, are squarely aimed at adults, while others are suitable for all the family.

Before buying, think about who you want to play with, where you’re planning to play, and how many people will be involved. Then, check reviews to make sure your chosen games will fit the bill!

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