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Can Video Games Improve Our Brain?

How many times have you heard people saying playing video games is bad for your brain?

What if we told you games can actually help improve your brain. If you’re intrigued by how this could be possible, you’ll want to read this article.

Here are six ways games can help improve your brain.

1. Increase Brain Matter

If you question whether or not video games are good for the brain, you’ll be happy to know they’re linked to increasing brain matter.

In a study conducted, the gaming group showed neurogenesis growth, which means the formation of new neurons. The area of the brain responsible for memory, spatial orientation, fine motor skills, and event strategic planning also saw positive improvements.

With these positive results, many of us could benefit from playing a video game.

2. Help You With Dyslexia

Suffering from Dyslexia can be difficult, especially for children. They might feel self-conscious around their peers, and afraid situations if they have to read in public.

There have been studies conducted on children suffering from dyslexia that show improvements in their reading skills. Scientists hypothesize it’s because playing a video game improves their attention spams, a skill that helps children read better.

Action video games showed the most improvement because children had to pay more attention and it forced them to read faster.

3. Pain Reliever

If you thought only taking medication could ease your pain, then you might be in for a surprise.

Evidence shows gamers, suffering from chronic pain or due to medical procedures, who engage in virtual reality games have shown pain improvement.

4. Slow Aging

Although no one can stop the aging process, you can slow it down. There has been a lot of research that shows playing a video game can help slow down the process of mental decay.

A study of 50 healthy seniors who played 10 hours of a specific video game showed signs of being able to stall the decline of cognitive skills.

5. Possible Faster Recovery After Stroke

In a controlled study, stroke victims were placed into 2 groups. One group was given traditional rehab therapy and the other group played video games.

The group who participated in the video game group showed more improvements in the hand strength.

However, both groups showed improvement so it’s not meant to replace traditional methods.

6. Helps Soothe Depression

Even though people often pinpoint a video game as a cause of mental illness, they can also be a cure.

Children who struggled with depression participated in a study and found the video game SPARX could be as effective as traditional therapy.

You can check out if you want to combine traditional methods to treat depression with a video game here and there.

Time to Give Video Games a Try

Playing games clearly have some benefits and can improve our brains. Some of the benefits include increased brain matter, slow down aging, and help with dyslexia.

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