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Meet the Gamer Girls of Youtube

Long ago, it was believed that gaming was strictly for the guys. Thankfully, that bubble was burst a few years ago.

A study concluded that women make up nearly half of the gaming demographic. While they’re less likely to identify as a gamer, that doesn’t mean they’re content to let the guys have all the fun.

Many even stream their gaming sessions straight to sites like YouTube!

So who should you be on the lookout for? Here are some of the biggest YouTube gamer girls that you should like, comment, and subscribe to.

Soapy Warpig

Unlike the other inclusions on this list, Soapy Warpig is a relative unknown. In fact, her views often garner only a few hundred views per upload.

So why include her on this list of top YouTube gamer girls?

Because she has the distinct honor of being the first person in the world to solve the massive, brain-bending puzzle that was P.T.

At Sony’s E3 2014 press conference, Sony showed a mysterious trailer featuring a nightmarish talking bag spouting some nonsense about cracks in the wall and other worlds.

The trailer concluded by telling players that they could learn more by downloading and playing P.T. immediately.

The demo itself wasn’t just eerie, it was downright terrifying. It featured a loop through a corridor as the player avoided a ghastly figure named Lisa and a demonic baby in a sink.

And, seemingly, the demo had no end.

Until Soapy Warpig, with the help of her friends in chat, managed to complete the puzzle, resulting in a mind-blowing reveal.

P.T. was short for ‘playable teaser’ and was actually a teaser for the next game in the Silent Hill series. A collaboration between Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, and Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, Silent Hills was going to be a horror fan’s dream come true.

While the game was canceled due to a falling out between Konami and Kojima, we’ll always have the shock and surprise of the reveal thanks to Soapy Warpig.


Are you interested in visual novels, anime, coffee, silly voices, or just fun?

If any of the above sound like your cup of tea (or coffee, in this case), then be sure to check out Brooke Thorne aka Dodger’s channel, PressHeartToContinue.

You can also catch Dodger on the weekly Co-Optional Podcast alongside TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox, as the trio goes through their favorite games, news, and upcoming releases.

Laura Kate Dale

If you regularly follow gaming news, Laura Kate’s name may be instantly recognizable. She breaks about upcoming games before bigger outlets get the scoop.

She’s also renowned for being one of the more outspoken YouTube gamer girls.

She uses her platform to discuss issues like gender, homosexuality, and what it means to be a modern-day gamer girl. She often takes a sex-positive perspective, discussing otherwise taboo subjects such as sex toys like Douche candles, cleaning, and lubrication.

Check Out These Great YouTube Gamer Girls

Each of the three women on this list brings something unique to the gaming world.

Be it puzzle solving, fun-loving positivity, or progressive stances, these are the three best gamer girls to check out.

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