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Wearable Technology Is Changing Everyday Life in the Gaming World

What if a simple accessory could change how you play games?

It probably sounds like something too hyped up to be real. After all, there have been gaming accessories for as long as there have been video games.

However, wearable technology is a real game changer. It will be what bridges the gap between gamers and casual fans and completely revolutionizes the gaming industry.

Read on to discover more about what this is and how it’s changing the gaming world!

What Is Wearable Technology?

To gamers of a certain age, “wearable” tech probably reminds them of the old Nintendo Power Glove. Fortunately, the technology has come a long way since the 1980s!

Now, this wearable tech takes many forms. Some of it helps you to enhance your favorite games while others let you take your favorite game wherever you go.

And certain technology is around the corner that will completely change how we interact with the world around us!

Keep reading to discover just a few of the ways that wearable tech is changing the gaming industry for players and designers alike.

Fitness Fun

One surprising way that wearable tech changes gaming is making entirely new games. This has already started happening in the fitness industry.

Devices like the Fitbit turn fitness into a game for anyone wearing it. On the most basic level, users are given a minimum “score” to try to achieve in terms of steps taken each day.

However, different apps allow you to try to get the high score among your friends and family. You can even take part in virtual races online!

Throw in the apps that let you pretend you are running from things like the zombie apocalypse and it’s easy to see the truth. Fitness is actually the new hotness in gaming!

Pokemon Go

Everyone can remember how quickly Pokemon Go took over. It went from being a game barely anyone had heard of to a game that everyone everywhere was playing.

This led the way to some wearable technology that users kept demanding. The Pokemon Go Plus is a wearable device that lets you play the famous smartphone game without looking at your screen.

You can throw Poke balls, capture Pokemon, and visit Pokestops without having to take your phone out. This is one of the greatest game enhancers and shows how wearable tech can take things to the next level.

Google Glass

Google Glass has been in development for a long time. Because of this, some users dismiss just how revolutionary it can be.

Dismissing Google is a big mistake, though. Glass lets you turn your every waking moment into a game!

The technology allows you to control many smartphone and social media aspects with body gestures and voice commands. However, the tech really shines with Augmented Reality.

Google Glass lets you effortlessly play Augmented Reality games because there are virtual screens over your eyes. This lets you play various AR games or even turn your best friends into hilarious avatars that only you can see!


Minecraft is a game that fans love because it unlocks their imagination. They can create virtual worlds out of countless building blocks and amaze family and friends.

There’s just one problem, though. It’s often very difficult to take your amazing creations anywhere new.

That’s where the Gameband + Minecraft comes in. This is wearable technology that allows you to save your Minecraft worlds and take them from computer to computer.

It’s a simple idea that really changes how you play Minecraft. You finally have an easy way to show off your creations to everyone you meet!


Smartwatches were a pretty logical extension of wearable technology. After all, people love their tablets and smartphones. Why not turn that into wearable technology?

Of course, new technology means new ways to game. Sometimes, these are new spins on classic ideas such as virtual pets. Other times, there are newer games like TetroCrate that perfectly leverage the unique way you play on a smartwatch.

The wearable tech means you take these games wherever you go. And you combine the fun of a portable game system with the professionalism and functionality of your smartphone!

In fact, you’re only a click away from stopping your game and finding whatever you need. Come learn more about some of the services the smartwatch can help you find between games!

Gaming Helmets

Video gamers learn quickly that many of their favorite characters (like Master Chief) wear helmets. It’s tough to not fantasize about wearing such a helmet yourself!

Now, wearable technology brings this fantasy to life. Some games like Titanfall 2 come with special editions that let you sport a fully wearable and playable helmet.

This simple addition really immerses you in the world of this character. And as an added bonus, you can look in the mirror and see your favorite character staring back at you!

3D Audio

Many gamers overlook just how important audio is to your experience. And 3D audio is poised to be the next big thing in wearable technology.

Devices such as the OSSIC X help to provide truly three-dimensional audio. What this means is that you hear as clearly as if you were not wearing headphones, no matter what position your head is in.

These headphones can plug into computers and consoles as well as into the virtual reality platform of your choice. This gives you the most immersive audio no matter how you choose to play!

The Bottom Line

If you’re reading this article, then you’re a gamer. That means you’re all about seeking out the latest and greatest in games and gaming technology.

It can be hard to keep up with everything on your own, though. And that’s where we come in!

At Leviathyn, we are the gamer’s choice for news and reviews about video games. We bring info about things like wearable technology and so much more.

Come see how Leviathyn brings you the news you need by checking out the five most anticipated video games of 2018!

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