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The Best Country Western Music of 2018

Country music is shaking things up this year.

From the classic sounds of the guitar and a banjo to more soul-filled slowdowns and popped up beats, it’s a genre of music anyone can relate to.

Trust us, there’s at least one song in country western music that’ll make you want to sing. You just have to find the right one!

To help you out, we’ve done more than just pick a few songs.

Here is your ultimate guide to keeping up with everything country this year.

New Country Western Music Artists

There are many new artists popping up in all kinds of genres. From Hollywood to Nashville and NYC and Atlanta, the music scene as a whole is only getting bigger.

The following are a few performers to focus on as they take their place in country western music this year.

You may have heard the catchy tune, “Singles You Up” by now, but you might not know the musician behind it. His name is Jordan Davis. He’s only two songs into his country music career, but this Louisiana boy is worth listening to.

Listen to him and many other music gems on Spotify.

Up next is Ben Gallaher. Ben recently signed with Sony and already has an EP circulating around the country music scene. Check it out for yourself and watch as his journey progresses.

Last but not least is a name you may have heard before – Lewis Brice. He’s the brother of country music star Lee Brice, out to make a name for himself. Lee’s single “Messin’ With My Mind” has a blues vibe that can set him apart.

Experienced Artists Coming Back for More

Although it’s fun and exciting to be the first one to catch on to new artists, there are some well-known country western music singers that one can’t help but miss.

Thankfully, they’ve still got some songs left in them.

You can catch favorites like Kenny Chesney and Blake Shelton on tour this year. The two are headlining their own separate tours and bringing some other big stars along for the ride.

Plus, there are many other artists releasing new music for you to enjoy at home. Among them are Thomas Rhett, Cole Swindell, and LANCO.

Upcoming Shows and Concerts

Can’t decide between Kenny’s or Blake’s show? Wondering what other artists are on the road this year?

Put on your steel toe boots and head to a country western music festival to catch many of your favorites in one place.

The first festival option coming up is Carolina Country Music Festival.

This show sits right on Myrtle Beach which means you can kick your boots off and head to the water if it gets too hot. Between the well-known stars that come through, the good company, and the special stage dedicated to rising artists, it’s sure to be a great time.

Tortuga Music Festival is another beach-based country party. Head to sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida to kick it back with big-name artists for three days.

Looking for something a little different? Check out a country music festival in a place you probably wouldn’t think has a bit of twang – upstate New York. That is where the Taste of Country Festival has been hosted for years.

More Music Updates

Staying on top of the latest music trends doesn’t mean you need to listen to every new song out there.

Sometimes, it just means knowing where to go for the highlights. This gives you access to the best new songs and artists that are hot right now, and events you can’t wait to experience.

Stay up to date with everything from country to hip-hop with us.

Click here for all the music news you need.

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