Video Games of 2018

5 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2018

Video game sales topped $36 billion in 2017. Nearly $30 billion of that coming from game sells and subscriptions.

2018 looks to crush those numbers with a slew of exciting titles coming out practically every month. The video game industry has faced some criticism in release schedules pandering to 1st and 4th quarter releases.

However, as release schedules have become tighter, anticipated releases have stretched to fill many of the gaps left before.

While some games get announced at a convention in 2016 or 2017 and will be released this year, some others have been struggling for years. Let’s check out some of the most anticipated video games of 2018.

Notable Video Games of 2018

While there are hundreds of titles coming out this year, only a few have been building up anticipation for years. Only two months into the year, some exciting titles have already hit the shelves. The Team ICO remake of Shadow of the Colossus in particular.

These games feature work that has been rumored, new tech on display, and fans waiting to catch early releases and midnight unlocks to get started ASAP. Gaming news has covered some of the development in depth.

1. God of War

Sometimes referred to as God of War 4, this fan favorite takes Kratos out of the realm of the Greeks and north to fight around against the currently popular Norse mythology.

The games’ producer, Santa Monica Studios announced the game was in development back in 2014, so anticipation has been building.

Changing up the formula from previous installments, God of War (4) feature’s Kratos’ sun Atreus that can be utilized to assist in fights.

Though the title number may be confusing (what is with companies dropping titles that need the year attached to figure out which one it is in the series?) the setting alone makes this one of the hottest video games of 2018.

Described as a ‘reimagining’ rather than a reboot or a sequel, the gameplay has also been retooled to provide a more seamless open experience. Story missions and options bosses will vie for attention and the twin meter system offers new tactical options.

Players can work to defeat a monster outright by lowering health, or knock down the stun meter for grabs and bonus damage moves replacing the series’ infamous quick time events.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

Another slight misnomer, as this is the third game in the Red Dead franchise (but only the second Redemption). Originally slated to be coming out in 2017 after a 2016 announcement from Rockstar Games.

Like its predecessor, Redemption 2 features an outlaw in the American West taking an adventure across an open world game. The protagonist, Arthur Morgan rides with the Van der Linde gang.

As the first game from Rockstar in 5 years, Redemption 2 has a lot of hype to live up to. Some commenters have gone so far as to warn that any other game coming out in late October will fare poorly in the race for best selling video games of 2018.

The game itself looks gorgeous from the 2 trailers released to date. The fate of open world games may need to be revisited soon though, as innovation is needed to keep the game type fresh.

3. Shenmue III

Though Shenmue and Shenmue II couldn’t find financial success, they stand tall in lists of great video games for their technical mastery and innovative story mechanics. Shenmue III has technically been in development for a decade and is finally releasing this year.

Originally funded by a Kickstarter campaign, Shenmue III will also be releasing on systems that people actually own after the previous two were available on the Sega Dreamcast and a limited release for II on the Xbox.

The game will continue to follow Ryo Hazuki as he searches for his father’s killer across China and Japan. The previous games introduced mechanics that were expanded in other games such as open world environments, differing mini-games for small interactions, and a customizable fighting style framework.

Currently set for release in late December, this could be one of the bigger sleepers video games of 2018. Whether it succeeds or we send the end of the Shenmue story makes the anticipation all the stronger.

4. Far Cry 5

A title known for coming out on-time and with some regularity, Far Cry has had 5 major releases and as many stand-alone spin-offs since 2004. The latest, Far Cry 5 will combine elements introduced in the previous installments. What makes this one of the more anticipated video games of 2018 is the political charged social commentary.

Set in Montana, the player will guide the series first creatable/customizable protagonist through a story involving religious fanatics and compound dwelling militias.

Development on the game features teams from Ubisoft’s Shanghai, Kiev, and Toronto offices. Traveling around the map can be done on foot or in a variety of off-road vehicles. Though developers may have had the chance to ride in a limousine to their offices (click for more) the players will probably need to wait for DLC to ride in style.

5. Vampyr

After their success in making a moving interactive narrative with Life is Strange, Dontnod Entertainment set out to create a more action-oriented game. The development expanded as the work went on. The game shifted time and setting and more depth was added.

Like so many on this list, the development hit some snags and the original release date was passed by promoting a new one (or 2 or 3) to be set. Currently set for a June release, Vampyr has a lot to offer in the milieu of video games of 2018 with a mixture of action gameplay, deep visuals and a twisting story set in a historical realistic 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.

One of the bigger claims from the game revolves around the protagonist, a doctor turned vampire, and his journey to stay true to his Hippocratic Oath in the face of his vampiric nature.

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