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What the Industry Can Learn from the Reported Nintendo Switch Sales

Nintendo sold 2.74 million Switch units its first month on store shelves.

This is record-breaking. Other gaming consoles sold a little over that number of units after around 10 months of being on the shelves. With Nintendo switch sales being so high they must be doing some right?

That’s exactly what we thought too. And we found some reasons as to why the Switch may have done so well. Read on to find out what they are:


Nintendo definitely did well with the Switch as far as design goes. The bundles come with a good amount of equipment, especially for its price.

The bundle included a dock, two smaller controllers, a console, and a few other accessories like an HDMI cord. This is considered to be a good amount of extras for the package.

Another thing that gamers were concerned with was the screen resolution. But when the console came out those concerns were swept away by the Switch’s bright display and multi-touch abilities.

The fact that it came with all of this and was still $299 was really attractive to gamers. As most consoles are a lot higher than this.

Nintendo Switch Sales Supply

Many people felt as though there was never a shortage of the Switch during busy holiday seasons. As most gaming consoles have a habit of selling out for being in such high demand, like the Wii U. But Nintendo has been doing good at restocking the popular console.

Nintendo’s plans for Switch production was 8 million this fiscal year and for the upcoming year, they are planning to increase production to 25-30 million. This shows that they are not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

Games available

Nintendo switch sales may have also been increased to new heights because of the games that were made available for it from the start. One of the gaming console’s very first games was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was actually shown to have sold more copies than the Switch itself. One theory is that the gamers who did not have their hands on a switch yet, bought the game because they knew they were eventually going to buy it.

This game increased the brand recognition of the switch as the game itself had a label on it specifying it as a game for the switch. This being the equivalent of the games wearing custom buttons flaunting the gaming system.

Having in-demand games available for the console definitely increased the Nintendo switch sales in some capacity. Other games available for the console were Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart.

These are games that appeal to a wide demographic but were especially kid-friendly. These games paired with the easy multiplayer transition the Switch offers makes the console a great gift for children.


Another reason that the Nintendo switch sales were so high was how unique it was. This console was really the first of its kind. The switch was a console and handheld gaming device all in one.

At the time there is no other console like this on the market. The two smaller controllers made multiplayer possible as well without having to go out of your way to buy another controller.

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The Nintendo was gaming innovation at its finest. And to this today there hasn’t been a gaming system that can compete with it. Nintendo isn’t slowing down anytime soon either.

As they are hoping to continue to increase production. For more information on gaming and entertainment check out this page.

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