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How to Find an E-Liquid Flavor You’ll Love

Whether you want to get into vaping because you think it looks cool, or if you’re using it as a tool to help you quit tobacco and get back into shape, there are a million reasons to get into vaping.

Another reason so many people are joining the vaping scene?

Because of all the awesome e-liquid flavors currently on the market. Whether you prefer sweet, savory, or something in between, chances are, there’s a flavor out there that will satisfy you perfectly.

But if you’re new to the vaping world?

It can sometimes be difficult to find it.

This post is here to help you to find the ideal e-liquid flavor for you.

The Basics of an E-Liquid Flavor

Before we get into anything more specific, let’s first touch base about what goes into creating e-liquid.

Most e-juice is made from a base of Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol (sometimes, you might even get a blend of the two!)

If you choose a juice with a VG base, then you can expect a somewhat sweeter flavor. You’ll also tend to get bigger vape clouds if you choose a juice with a VG base. If you go for a juice made from PG, however, you can expect a heavier hit. The e-juice will also contain a small amount of nicotine, and then the flavor of your choice.

Let’s talk for a moment about nicotine levels.

Usually, when you choose an e-juice, you’ll be given a variety of different nicotine strengths to choose from. For the most part, people who are trying to quit smoking start off with a higher nicotine content, and then gradually work their way down.

Now, let’s explore the main types of e-liquid flavors, and what sets them apart from one another.

If You Want to Quit Smoking…

If you’re new to the vape game, but have been a longtime smoker, then chances are you’ll prefer a tobacco flavor at the start.

This juice is the perfect way to ween yourself off of cigarettes, because they taste like tobacco, but aren’t made with any deadly tar or carcinogens.

You should be able to find a wide range or tobacco flavors on most vape websites.

Want to learn more about the etiquette of vaping, especially with tobacco-flavored products, around the workplace or in public? If so, read more here!

If You Like to do Your Own Thing…

What if you like things that are a little outside the box, and want to push your taste buds to the limit?

Then it sounds like you’re in the market for a multi-flavored juice. If you’re looking for a blended option — like sugar and spice, the taste of a fruit smoothie, or even something like salted popcorn — then this is the option for you.

Sometimes, depending on the manufacturer, you may even be able to make your own blends.

If You’re Into Intense Flavors…

Do you like an e-juice that hits you over the head immediately with a serious burst of flavor?

If so, then we’re willing to bet that the bold flavors of e-liquids with a high VG concentrate are right up your alley.

Be wary, though — if you don’t find the flavor you like, it can be tricky to get into high VG juices. Additionally, VG juices will give you a stronger feeling in the back of your throat, which can be off-putting to some vapers.

The perfect solution?

When you’re shopping, look for a sampler flavor pack. That way, you can try out lots of different options until you find your perfect flavor match.

If You Already Have a Flavor in Mind…

Sometimes, you already know exactly what you’re interested in when it comes to vaping flavors.

Do you want a mild, tasty flavor that reminds you of your favorite snack?

Then we suggest going for an e-juice that’s based on a single flavor. This could be pretty much anything you think of.

Maybe you love the taste of banana, sugar cookies, or even coffee.

No matter what you’re into, we’re willing to bet that there’s a vape flavor for it. Keep in mind that it’s a smart idea to buy single flavor vape juice options from multiple e-juice companies.

This way, you can find the notes that you like and find the perfect flavor balance for your taste buds.

Just Enjoy the Process

The good thing about being new to all things vaping?

It gives you the perfect excuse to try out lots of different blends and flavors. Also, keep in mind that one of the things that people like best about vaping is the awesome sense of community it can create.

If you’re truly a novice, and are looking for some advice?

There are countless online forums and communities that you can tap into. Sit back on your couch and start browsing!

Better yet, why not head to your local vape shop, talk about the tastes you like, and ask for a little assistance?

People will be happy to help you, and you’ll probably pick up tons of tricks you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Looking for Additional Vaping Advice?

Thanks to this post, you’re now a near expert when it comes to understanding the basics of e-liquid flavors.

Of course, we think the best way to find out what you like is by trying all the different options listed here!

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