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Video Games and Smoking Weed: Why They’re a Match Made in Heaven

You’ve put in a hard eight to 10 hours of work at the office. You’ve had your share of paperwork and meetings, and you’re just ready to call it a day.

Perhaps you’re even feeling miserly. Then you remember that once you get home, you can unwind, pack a bowl, and enjoy a relaxing evening of smoking weed and playing video games.

With a massive interest in legalization, marijuana is having its best year yet, and 2018 is only just beginning. Still not convinced that smoking weed and playing games are a match made in heaven?

Here are a few reasons why video games and weed are the perfect companions.

Smoking Weed Makes Stories More Engrossing

Video games are one of the best artforms out there. It’s the only medium that combines sensibilities of cinema with interactivity. But when was the last time you found yourself really engrossed in the story of a video game?

Maybe you’re finally getting around to finishing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Or perhaps you’re feeling really adventurous and are treading through the 100+ hour opus that is Persona 5.

Whatever the case, one thing seems to be clear: video games are getting longer and more engrossing than ever. As a result, though, this means that players have to put forth more effort to get sucked into the story.

Even games with great stories may suffer if you don’t have the time to sit and play marathon sessions. But when it comes to games, smoking weed is a surefire way to make sure you get engrossed in the story.

One writer at Kotaku recalled his experience with marijuana and games, stating that he’d never felt more engrossed. It was like he was rediscovering all of these classics for the first time.

Imagine experiencing the intro to BioShock for the first time through a new lens. When you’re smoking weed while playing games, it’s like you’re playing a brand new game.

It Can Help Your Focus

Getting engrossed in a story is certainly fun, but will it make you a better player? That’s still hotly debated among scientists.

However, it’s believed that marijuana makes people hyper-focused. Can’t seem to pay attention long enough to boost your K/D in Call of Duty?

Consider taking a smoke break and coming back to the game.

You’ll likely discover that you’ve entered a state of flow. You’re still aware of everything that’s going on around you, you’re just more focused on the task at hand.

That’s exactly why smoking weed is a great option for those who love twitch-based reflex games like Halo, Call of Duty, and Battlefield.

You’ll Solve Puzzles Faster

Puzzles are a quintessential part of the video gaming experience. Starting with Tetris, video games have always tried to incorporate clever, creative puzzles into their worlds.

For instance, take Breath of the Wild’s 120 shrines. Yes, you read that right. That latest Zelda game actually includes 120 mini shrines.

Odds are you’re going to get stuck on a puzzle at some point. Did you know that smoking weed is actually a great way to boost your memory retention?

If you’re someone who hates looking up puzzle solutions online, smoking may be the best thing to happen to your love of video games since the NES.

Completionists rejoice! Between marijuana’s effects on memory recall and focus, you can finally get around to 100% your favorite game.

Both are Purchaseable From Home

Let’s be honest, smoking weed and picking up new games is great, but you don’t always have the energy or desire to leave the house to do so.

Did you know that you can do actually do both from the comfort of your couch? It’s easier than ever to purchase both weed and video games without ever having to leave your home.

Thanks to digital platforms like Steam, PSN, and the Xbox Marketplace, gamers now have the ability to buy and download games wherever and whenever they want.

Marijuana is a bit of a different situation. It isn’t available to purchase in all areas. Certain states and countries have yet to legalize online purchasing.

However, if you live in an area where it’s legal to buy marijuana and weed paraphernalia, you may be able to order weed online through sites like Cannabisy.

Enjoy Variety

When it comes to video games, everyone seems to have different tastes. Your friends may like Madden, but you’re more of a Counter-Strike person.

Smoking is much the same way and offers tons of variety. There’s a strain out there for every type of person, much like with video games.

Perhaps you’re looking to get an energy boost and power through Nioh. Or maybe you’re looking to kick back, relax, and play Mario Odyssey.

If you want to get creative, you can even pair certain games with certain strains, like an (admittedly much more enjoyable) wine and cheese pairing.

Smoking Weed is Great For Local Multiplayer

Even if an increasing number of games don’t take advantage of it, local multiplayer is still an absolute blast. Even the largest open world game struggles to compare to the sheer fun of Mario Kart.

If you’re someone who enjoys the more social aspects of gaming, you may want to create your own smoking games.

What’s a smoking game? Think of it as a drinking game but for smoking weed.

If you need some inspiration check out some of the preexisting options online.

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy a Smoke

As you can see, smoking and playing games are the perfect combo. What are your favorite games to play while smoking? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

And don’t forget to keep checking the Leviathyn gaming blog for all things gaming and gaming culture.

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