movies to watch stoned

Top 5 Movies to Watch Stoned

And we’re still singing “Legalize it, don’t criticize.” here in 2018. Thankfully, many states are making big strides towards full legalization. There are millions of new stoners these days who are finally able to experience the herb in peace.

With great weed comes great opportunities, namely the ability to experience entertainment in a whole new light. Gigglefests, inside jokes, and sensory overloads, dude.

These are movies to watch stoned that you just can’t miss.

Half Baked

We had a difficult time choosing between Half Baked and Road Trip, but at the end of the day, we went with Chappelle’s brilliance. This movie is a must-watch for any respectable stoner out there.

Who needs a job? Real life goals is finding the proverbial Holy Grail of weed. For those who are too lazy to go anywhere, there’s always Dope Mail online weed. Laugh, choke on some good kush and stock up on snacks.

Napoleon Dynamite

Great comedy movies to watch stoned don’t need to be about weed or even mention it to be hilarious and memorable. Napoleon’s quest to get the girl and be accepted for who he is is something we can all relate with.

Great pacing and off-the-wall characters keep this movie highly rewatchable for basically every stoner and non-stoner alike.

Vanilla Sky

Trippy visuals, deep philosophical questions, and plenty of “wtf happened” moments. Tom Cruise does a great job of narrating and making you feel like you’re in his world of instability. Watching this masterpiece while high is even better than sober because the directing is so damn well done.

You can likewise watch the original Spanish film Abre Los Ojos and be even more tripped out when you fail to read the subtitles to follow what’s going on.


This horror movie classic will scare the hell out of you, doubly so if you’re stoned out of your mind. IT made our list for top must-see movies in 2017 for more serious reasons, of course, but this freaky clown keeps delivering.

Stoners will either: a) be scared out of their poor minds or b) laugh until there’s snot coming out of their nostrils. The clown luring folks into the sewer drain is iconic for how disturbing and hilarious it is, depending on your level of sobriety.

Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie

C’mon, man, you should know that Cheech and Chong’s adventures are something that no stoner should ever miss out on. You could choose any of their classics, but this is probably one of our favorite movies to watch stoned.

This is down to personal taste, of course, you’ll find no shortage of stereotypes, weed puns, crude humor, musical numbers, and really poor decision-making.

How to Find Movies to Watch Stoned

This a great starter list of movies to go with, but honestly just about any movie has the potential to be unintentionally awesome. Kids movies, for example, have plenty of room for interpretations and trippy animation sequences.

If you need some help finding more weed films, check out our guide we just put out on how to legally stream movies online for free.