take your next date to an escape room

Why You Need to Take Your Next Date to an Escape Room

Gaming has changed the world in many ways, including the world of dating. Once you had to meet a girl and a bar and ask for her number, then take her out to dinner. You never knew if you really had anything in common until it was too late!

We now have lots of ways to get to know someone online before we meet in person. And knowing someone you want to date likes gaming already ensures you share a passion for puzzles, excitement and the digital universe.

But it’s important to go out on a date, not just sit on your couch and share the latest video games. So, why not take your next date to an escape room?

Here are five reasons why you should take your next date to an escape room for a fun night out on the town.

1. It’s Different!

So many dates revolve around the same idea: dinner and drinks, dinner and a movie. Occasionally you may try something different like a walk in the park or a trip to the beach.

Why not take your next date to an escape room?

It’s certainly different from the same old, run-of-the-mill, get-to-know-you encounter. You will get points for creativity for simply suggesting this idea!

Escape rooms, if you don’t already know, are the real-life version of the scenario you see in many video games. You and the other players are locked in a room for a set period of time. You have to work together to solve a series of puzzles to get out before your time is up.

If you know your date is a gamer, an escape room is the perfect chance to take your interests to the next level. Instead of engaging in virtual play, the two of you will spend some time together in person, seeing if your real life personalities match as well as your avatars do online.

2. It’s Challenging!

The challenge of sitting face to face with a stranger in a candlelit restaurant is trying to come up with enough stuff to say to fill the time, and engage them without it feeling awkward. The amorphous nature of these “auditions” can be excruciating.

On the other hand, being locked in a room with the specific challenge to get out of there by working together gives you a specific task to accomplish. It gives you both something to focus on besides thinking “how uncomfortable this is.”

Solving a problem together while the clock is ticking is a great way to see a person for who they really are. They don’t have time to put on a facade and worry about how pretty they look or how clever they sound.

Being locked up together also gives you a chance to see if you two “click.”

Your ideas and problem-solving abilities might mesh and get you out on record time! Or, your date may freak out from the stress and need someone to take care of them when the going gets rough.

This may be appealing to you. Or- you may be glad you saw realistically how they might react in the future to challenges, and decide you are not a match.

3. No Drinking Required

Another problem with the traditional date is that it is often expected that you will be drinking.

Alcohol is a great social lubricant, but what if you and your date don’t like to drink?

Drinking too much on a date can also lead to all sorts of miscues, faux pas, and other disasters.

Planning an activity like going to an escape room removes the temptation to imbibe too much on a date and act inappropriately.

However, if you do feel like enjoying some cocktails during your escape room escapade, many venues do offer libations to enhance the experience.

4. You Use your Brain!

By solving puzzles together in a venue like The Escape Artist, you have the chance to see if you and your date approach things in a compatible way.

You will be forced to start talking to each other and listening. You can try out different solutions, and figure out together whether to keep trying one way or move on to a different strategy.

For gamers who like to think, an escape room is a terrific way to problem solve as a team…or a couple.

It’s also a refreshing change from typical physical activities. If ballroom dancing, mountain biking or a swim in the ocean is not your cup of tea for an ideal romantic rendezvous, try to take your next date to an escape room.

5. You Use Your Body!

You are not trapped in a chair in an escape room, as you would be if you chose to take your date out to dinner. These venues offer a fun chance to get out of the interview style of date where you sit face to face and respond to each other’s questions and try to laugh at each other’s jokes.

In an escape room, you will be using your body and your mind. You and your date, and possibly other people, will have to team up to solve puzzles both mental and physical.

You are focused on a goal and less likely to be worried about how your outfit looks or if you are saying the right thing.

If you and your date get along in the escape room you may end the evening with a different kind of game!

Take Your Next Date to An Escape Room: It’s Sure To Be a Memorable Night

If you take someone you like to an escape room, you are exhibiting ingenuity, creativity, and adventurousness. You have put some thought into the evening, and you are giving you both the chance to get to know each other in a special way.

Not everyone will be a perfect match within the confines of a locked room with the time pressure to solve a series of riddles to get out. But if you two can work together and have a few laughs, it really doesn’t matter if you finally escape the room together or not.

If you find you do get along in an escape room, it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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