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What to Look for in the Best Casino Websites

Everything seems to be online nowadays – shopping, banking, teaching, listening to music, and so on. Gambling is no exception. Some even consider online gambling as the reason for the growth of casino revenue.

In New Jersey, for example, there was a steady decline in casino revenue from 2007 to 2015. But thanks to online gambling, the state’s casino revenue is back on track, and it’s forecast to keep rising.

Now, if you’ve never tried internet gambling, it’s easy enough to assume that all casino websites offer the same thing. Other than letting you gamble from the comfort of your own couch, however, there are key differences you should take note of.

Here, we’ll talk about what to look for if you’re on the hunt for the best casino sites.


Of course, security should be number one on your list. The game may be online but you’ll be playing for real money.

Lucky for you, there are certain things you can check to see if an online casino is legit or not.

First, their license.

Since casino websites have to pay fees and taxes to a reputable licensing body, it doesn’t make sense for them to obscure their licensing information from visitors and players. You should be able to find their licenses proudly displayed on their websites.

Another thing to check is their connection. You have to verify that the casino website you’re looking at has a secured connection and uses a fully-encrypted software. The latter also has to be secured over SSL.

If these basics are missing, there’s a good chance you’ve just visited a rogue casino. Get out of there quickly and find another site to play at.


Would you want to play if you know you’re going to be ripped off?

You see, that’s the thing with certain casino websites. They’re not above pulling scams such as confiscating player winnings or withholding payouts. Some would even deliberately ignore players’ requests for customer support.

To ensure fairness, reputable casinos use a random number generator to deal the games. These RNGs must pass certain tests from third-party companies. And once they do, casinos get a badge they can put on their sites.

Now, you may be wondering what RNGs have to do with fairness. It’s really simple.

You have to understand that casino games are games of chance. If the games aren’t random and some can predict winning numbers, then it would be unfair to the other players. Also, for casinos, something like this could mean bankruptcy sooner or later (unless they’re really rigging the games).

Game Selection

Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos, online ones don’t have limitations in terms of how many games they wish to add to their lineup. Where casino websites would differ from each other is in the diversity and quality of the games they offer. This has a lot to do with the software companies they work with.

For convenience, you should go for a site that offers a big and diverse enough selection of games. You should be able to play these games not just on your desktop but also on your mobile.

The good news is most online casinos are mobile-friendly. To see what we’re talking about, watch now!

Ease of Deposit and Payment Options

No matter what type of casino player you are, you want to be able to deposit money quickly and securely at a gambling website. Thankfully, there are a number of different deposit methods to choose from.

You have your credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards. E-wallets such as PayPal are also a popular choice. Bank transfers are accepted as well.

The best casino sites should offer all these payment options to cater to the different preferences of their players. It doesn’t matter if you like to use PayPal for all your online transactions. Different options mean transfers are easier and quicker, too.


Online casinos cannot operate without software. They need it to run their games and provide the best user experience for their players. Now some casinos work with third-party game developers, while others run their proprietary software.

The best ones use a combination of the two. Some casino websites also require you to download a program. But most of the reputable operators allow instant play either in-browser or on mobile.

This isn’t to say, however, that all downloadable casino platforms are shady. Some players actually prefer them because they do not trust RNG. It all boils down to preference. The best thing to do is to try everything to be sure you’re not missing out on anything.

One advantage of downloadable versions is they usually offer more games than in-browser types. But you can only play it on the desktop you installed it on, unlike instant play casinos, which you can access from anywhere.

Customer Service

You should never wait until you run into a problem before you check out an online casino’s customer service. You’re playing with real money. At the very least, you should check if the site offers 24/7 support as well as methods of contact such as email, live chat, and a hotline.

If you do encounter a problem, you can check out the casino website’s FAQ section. It should have a listing of common issues, as well as how best to address them.

Now, if you want to go the extra mile when checking out a casino site’s level of customer service, you just need to read online reviews. Other players can give you a clear picture of an online casino’s reputation. If they had a bad experience, that’s definitely a sign for you to choose another gambling website to play at.

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