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Creative Ways to Get Paid to Play Online Games

They say you’ve got to have fun to make fun.

The question of making money, however, doesn’t usually involve having much fun.

Not, that is, unless you’re getting paid to play new online games.

Not convinced? That makes sense. If everyone could make money shooting space invaders or banging Tetris blocks together, wouldn’t everybody be doing it?

Not necessarily – you have to know what your options are, first.

Join us, today, as we take a closer look at some of the best ways out there to make money playing games, online.

Get Paid For Playing New Online Games

Throw a rock in any group of people, and you’ll hit someone who loves playing video games online. It’s part of the perfect storm that is our love of stimulation, and the fact that the internet is literally everywhere today.

With more powerful and creative games being hosted every year, anybody with an Internet connection is never too far away from a good time.

But, to imagine you could get paid to have fun playing them is nonsense, right?

Well, not actually.

Thanks to media and the profitability of game marketing, there are actually some very viable ways to play games online for money.

In-game Marketplaces

Trading in-game items for cash is the ultimate buying power in the gaming world.

Where there are swords, shields, boosters, blasters, and secret keys to be had in an MMO, there are people who are ready to pay real-life money for them.

There’s nothing inherently shameful about this. In any multiplayer online game, any gear that’s really going to stand out has to be really remarkable. And because these games usually take place on servers with millions of competing at any given time, these items also can’t be too easy to get.

So, what’s a discerning barbarian to do when the crystal sword he needs costs too many gems or takes too many hours to earn?

Enter the in-game marketplace.

Find a game with a functioning marketplace, or a presence with a third-party market, and see what kind of items people are buying. If you’re the kind of player who can ferret those items out, you’re in the real money.

Virtual Betting And Competitions

With a nose for some good odds and the right kind of perseverance, you can take your betting online, and turn it into a regular source of income.

And the best part is, you don’t need to find a real horse, dog, bicycle, car or otherwise to bet on. The entire virtual betting process focuses on computerized events. This means betting shops can run events, and huge numbers of runners can take part.

And the return? Check out some of our virtual betting data, and discover advice on getting numbers in the region of 80% to 95%.

It’s a game many people consider random, as computers generate the outcomes, instead of horses, fighters, or players. That said, as any computer system can be predicted with enough research, it’s easy to imagine someone mastering them in time.

Of course, a simpler approach is playing online games where the payoff is a straight reward for playing. Competitions and game tournaments where you stand a chance of winning a cash payout for winning are plentiful. You won’t have to look far to find your next one.

Competitive Gaming

Video gaming is a latecomer to the world of professional sports, but it’s nothing to sniff at. With professional players taking home purses starting at $100,000 at events, it’s an industry with high stakes and a lot of backing.

But with so many people out there to compete against, how does the average gamer get started making as a paid player?

Start by getting to know a game. And we mean know it. Professional gamers can run their way through a game’s map, with all of its secrets and best vantage points, flawlessly. This is the kind of polish that makes the competition lethal against the computer or human players, and it’s the level you should be playing at.

Then form a team, and learn to play as well with them as solo.

Once you’re confident enough, take your squad to local matches, and start adding wins to your portfolio. With enough time and a solid track record, you’ll start earning money soon enough. With more time and more earnings, you stand a chance at competing on an international level, for even bigger money.

This is a viable profession. The secret to it, like any other sport, is to put in the hours and compete as often as you can, to progress and be competitive.

Task Sites (That Include Gaming)

In recent years, an interesting online industry has emerged, in the form of online rewards websites. These are search engines that pay the people who use them to do their regular web surfing.

Typically, they do this in the form of gift vouchers or PayPal payments, equal to the number of points a user accumulates by using their service. For those who were already going to be doing this kind of online activity, this becomes an effective way to earn a passive income, however small.

And, since this kind of service has emerged, new online games have become a part of these packages as well. You’ll earn dollars for playing popular Flash, slots, and GSN games. Additionally, you can get rewarded for spending time researching the games you love on YouTube and taking surveys.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Go Play!

Earning money playing new online games is a real example of there being an industry for everybody. With the right services, practice, and ambition, it’s possible to make giant salaries or just a little pocket money, having fun.

There are fantastic opportunities out there to generate income doing the one thing everybody loves: sitting down to play a game.

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