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7 Adult Video Games That Feature Drug Use

Videos games are becoming more and more realistic. You’re no longer playing as a blob that eats ghosts.

Modern video games feature some serious adult themes, and one of them is drug use. Technology is also taking effects to the next level: they imitate the drug experience.

You don’t have to be high to experience the effects of marijuana. You don’t have to snort cocaine to feel the energy rush or feel the euphoria of ecstasy. You can play a video game and experience a drug trip — without actually being on drugs.

Are you ready to do drugs without actually doing drugs? Here are seven adult video games with drug use.

1. Fallout 4

In real life, drug use isn’t wise. There’s a good chance you’ll become addicted. Only a drug rehab center will bring you back to sobriety.

But in the world of adult video games, drug use is beneficial. Meaning, taking drugs helps you with your journey through the game.

When you play Fallout 4, you take a variety of drugs (or chems), which interferes with your perception.

But rather than losing focus or self-control, you notice things you wouldn’t see with a sober mind. You also get superpowers when you take these chems.

‘Med-X’ (similar to prescription pills) makes you resistant to damage. ‘Jet’ (or marijuana) slows down time. ‘Psycho’ (or heroin) is used before a big fight.

However, you can’t use too many ‘chems.’ You’ll become addicted and you’ll lose stats.

2. Max Payne

Max Payne is your typical drug-addicted antihero, and it’s the perfect character for adult video games. Even though his alcohol consumption doesn’t help his performance, he uses drugs to become stronger.

The game is fiction, but Payne’s character is a very real one. He represents functioning alcoholic and drug addicts.

Painkillers and opioids are commonly used to heal after combat.

But players love when Max took Valkyr. This is a fictional hallucinogen seen as a green substance in a syringe. Valkyr forces you into a long and vivid hallucination, similar to LSD.

Valkyr makes Max feel like he’s a character in a video game. Ironic, right?

However, Max was administered valkyr against his own will. He had intense lucid dreams and hallucinations. After his trip, he woke up in a pool of his own vomit.

3. Far Cry 3

What if you were in the middle of playing a video game and you suddenly fell down from the sky? That’s what happens while you’re playing Far Cry 3. Your main character is in the tropics and decides to drink a psychedelic.

Your character has a crazy drug-fueled adventure. He plays an underwater game of poker with his missing friends, only to resurface and get struck by lightning bolts. He goes back underwater and gets crushed by a rock pillar.

Anyone would consider this a ‘bad trip’ in adult video games. But the trip is fascinating, and the landscapes and imagery are beautiful.

4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Have you tried moon drugs? They don’t exist in our world, but they’re real in the Elder Scrolls. Skooma is made from moon dust. The potion is purple and comes in a small vial.

This is an intoxicating mixture that’s used in the Skyrim series. When you drink this potion, everything you see is vivid and your vision becomes a little blurry.

Sounds similar to psychedelic mushrooms, right? Rather than enduring a hallucinogenic trip, your character has a relaxing trip with slight perception distortion.

However, skooma had some bad side effects in the previous game. But you can take skooma safely while playing Skyrim.

5. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Nathan Drake is another character that’s drugged against his will. Drake gets shot with a dart, and the dart is laced with some kind of drug.

Drake becomes irritable and suggestible. But overall, he’s completely tripped out.

You’re playing Drake while he’s tripping. You’re walking down a street, and controlling Drake is similar to controlling silly putty. He wobbles and stumbles while a creepy voice antagonizes him.

This drug is actually called Talbot’s drug. It’s never mentioned in the game.

Talbot’s drug is a drug that makes its users hallucinate and overall feel hypnotic.

The drug causes Drake to feel ‘suggestible’ or willing to share secrets and weapons.

6. Grand Theft Auto V

You won’t find more drug use than in this game. But drugs are often used for deception.

This occurs when Michael is driving with his son, and his mind starts going off in different directions. His son spiked his soda with ketamine.

Ketamine is actually a real-life drug. It’s administered as an anesthesia, and also helps to relieve pain and increase relaxation. But Michael doesn’t receive the pain relief and relaxation benefits.

First, he’s abandoned in a room full of monkeys. Then, he’s abducted and probed by aliens.

When the aliens are done with Michael, they kick him out of their spaceship. Michael begins free falling over Los Santos.

7. Far Cry 4

Here’s another example of hallucinogen administration without consent. In Far Cry 4, Yogi and Reggie love making characters trip out. The drug makes everything look neon-colored and trippy, very similar to psychedelic mushrooms.

But unlike the other trips, the trip is actually enjoyable.

So why are Yogi and Reggie drugging people?

Well, they make drugs. And they need test subjects. They’re not ‘bad guys’ but they are an interesting duo.

Because of Yogi and Reggie, your character endures four drugged missions. These ‘vision quests’ actually benefit your mission, which is why you’re not upset when you’re drugged.

Are You Ready to Play Adult Video Games?

Drugs are very bad — and some video games represent drugs as dangerous.

Other video games see a positive side to drugs. These include giving characters more power and making missions easier. Some of these drugs are fictional, and others are very real.

But in the real life, drugs will only leave you with an addiction. So put down the syringe and pill bottle. If you want to experience a drug trip, play these video games instead.

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