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Top 10 Instagram Dogs You Need to Be Following

It’s 2018 and everyone- we mean everyone- has social media. From your 70-year-old grandma to your 10th-grade biology teacher, everyone’s indulging in their share of the world wide web.

A not-so-new but ever popular contender on this growing list is our pets. Sure, they can’t log in online and post the adorable selfie themselves.

But, with the help of their owner, puppy pages are reaching peak insta-celeb status. (And, let’s be honest. We’d rather swoon over Doug the Pug anyway.)

So, if you’re looking for a little extra brightness in your life, then look no further than the device you’re already holding. Here are 10 Instagram dogs you need to follow right now.

1. @jiffpom (The King of Instagram Dogs)

There probably isn’t a secret contest among our four-legged friends for who is the most liked. But, if there were, this Pomeranian pup would take the lead, coming in at 7.4 million followers.

Once a star in a Katy Perry music video, Jiff Pom’s talents go way beyond being a furry ball of cuteness. He also holds a Guinness World Record from 2015 for being the fastest dog to run on two paws.

2. @loki_the_wolfdog

He may not be officially verified just yet, but this Husky/Wolf/Malamute mix has all the validation he needs. He’s an adventurous boy and accompanies his mom and dad on all of their travels.

From backcountry snowboarding to beach strolling, Loki doesn’t shy away from any outdoor fun.

In fact, his owner, Kelly Lund, has partnered with notable brands, such as Toyota, L.L. Bean, and Chaco Footwear. Lund (and Loki!) aim to inspire others to get outdoors and be active with their pups.

3. @marutaro

Coming to us from Tokyo, Marutaro or Maru’s page is all smiles, sleep, and snuggles. This Shiba Inu has been dubbed the “smiliest dog in Japan” and the “best dog in the world” by Time Magazine.

Most of Maru’s page consists of daily “good night” pictures, as well as ones of him napping. Good boys need lots of sleep, okay?

But, he’s also taught viewers how to make a fluffy ball, brought his mom flowers, and even wrote New Year’s cards!

4. @manny_the_frenchie

A self-proclaimed “bacon loving, sink napping, Frenchie talking, philanthro-pup”, Manny is obviously another one of our talented Instagram dogs.

Oh, and we’re not all who sees this either. This French bulldog has partnered with State Farm and Martha Stewart’s PetSmart line. He’s also the most followed dog of his breed on Instagram.

One major perk of following Manny is that his brother-sister pictures are a cuteness overload. Leila, a bulldog/boxer mix, is no stranger to her little brother’s feed. She even has quite the following herself with over 70 thousand fans (@leila_the_bullboxer).

5. @itsdougthepug

The man, the myth, the legend. This list would not be complete without “the king of pop culture” Doug the Pug.

Doug is a Nashville pup who basically resembles us all. He Netflix and chills obsesses over pizza and appreciates a good meme.

Jiff Pom isn’t the only pup to see real-life stardom from his account. If you’re a Fall Out Boy fan, you may recognize Doug from the Irresistible music video. (And if you’re not a fan, Doug may just make you one.)

6. @thiswildidea

Maddie, a Coonhound, may not have an Instagram handle of her own. But, she is the star on the account of her owner, Theron Humphrey, a Georgia-based photographer.

Maddie joined Humphrey on a cross-country excursion that accounted for all 50 states. Between dips in the lake, long hikes and even camping adventures, it looked like she made the perfect travel companion.

7. @harlowandsage

We all know the best things come in pairs, and that three may be a crowd. But, this triple-dog daring clan shows that they’re the exception, not the rule.

The stars behind this Instagram dogs family page are Harlow, Indiana, and Reese. Harlow’s original companion was Sage, a miniature Dachshund, but she’s unfortunately passed away.

Luckily, Harlow was graced with the two others and was no longer a sad pup. He and his squad continue to dominate the account with playful and cuddly pics.

8. @tunameltsmyheart

Another Instagram dogs fan favorite is Tuna, the Chiweenie (a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix). Like many of his breed, Tuna has the most adorable overbite which his fans absolutely adore.

He’s a city dog but he spends a lot of his time inside, playing dress up or snuggling with owner Courtney Dasher.

Not only will Tuna melt your heart with his smile, but his charitable side also will wow you. Dasher and Tuna recently embarked on the eight-city “Tuna Tour” to raise awareness for animal rescue.

9. @marniethedog

Marnie was a late bloomer into the family of her owner, Shirley Braha. This Shih Tzu was adopted from a shelter at the age of 11.

For many, the age would have been an immediate deal breaker. But, for Braha, Marnie’s older years was all the appeal.

Together, the two work to inspire others to consider elderly pet adoption. Marnie even has her own book titled, ‘Marnie the Dog: I’m a Book’.

Along with her charitable spirit, she also dazzles her Instagram page with silly tongue-out pictures. She’s 16 now but just as loving and photogenic as ever!

10. @bearcoattonkey

Last but certainly not least comes Tonkey, a bear coat Shar Pei. She holds true to her bearish figures, with a large snout and deep, dark eyes.

Although she may be associated with one of the wilderness’ wildest animals, she’s quite the sweetie. She likes to take baths, hang out with her sister, Max, and cuddle up on the couch.

We may not be dog pros like the guys at Top Dog Tips. But, if we had any advice to offer it would be to get your little guy or girl on Instagram and see them shine!

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