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Need for Speed: The 5 Best Car Movies of All Time

Girls, guts, glory–there’s a good reason that car films have stood the test of time. Every year there’s a new car chase in the box office but they have big tracks to follow.

We chose the five best car movies to satisfy the adrenaline junkie in all of us.

On your marks, get set, let’s go!

5. Death Proof

Quentin Tarantino’s double-feature Grindhouse is the narrative labyrinth that audience can expect from the zany director. The film tells a two-part tale of a stunt driver, played by Kurt Russell, and his bloodthirsty tendencies in his trusty Chevy Nova. The film focuses on Stuntman Mike before shifting gears to focus on the revenge of his female victims. Death Proof is thrilling and surprisingly touching, with plenty of on-road and off-road action.

4. Mad Max: Fury Road

Introduced in 1979, Mad Max has been a household name for decades but George Miller’s fourth installment Mad Max: Fury Road was a spectacle for new and old fans. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are dazzling as Max and Furiosa respectively, but the real stars of this dystopian extravaganza are the cars.

Colin Gibson scrounged for years to build more than 100 cars for the film. Like Dr. Frankenstein, Gibson built beasts for Fury Road and 88 of them each had a story to tell.

3. American Graffiti

George Lucas brings an entire generation to the big screen in American Graffiti. Rife with cookie-cutter kids before they enter the “real world”, the film showcases a time that seems far-fetched for the millennium. Still, the film is a breath of fresh air where the cars and who’s-dating-who is all that mattered. American Graffiti uses its soundtrack as a character sitting in the passenger’s seat while we ride in the back and get lost in simpler times.

2. Fast Five

What began as a testosterone-fueled spectacle, the Fast and the Furious franchise has become an empire of almost ludicrous proportions. Fast Five was, in our opinion, the pinnacle of this motor-worshipping kingdom. Justin Lin, the director who led the franchise to international success, managed to blend cheesy dialogue and unbelievable plotlines with heart and, of course, multi-million dollar stunts.

1. Bullitt

You just can’t beat a classic. In Bullitt, Steve McQueen takes to the streets as San Franciscan cop Frank Bullitt whose bodyguard position is quickly thwarted and he’s left as a political pawn. In this case, he can’t click here for more to get out of something trivial like a traffic ticket. Instead, he aims for the street and down the famed hilly streets, twists, and turns. The film has one of the most memorable car chases in history, featuring the

In terms of artistic movies, it’s a riveting masterpiece that has claimed our #1 spot for the best car movies of all time.

Beyond the Best Car Movies

Car movies will always have a special place in our hearts but not many of us have the car (or the funds) to go on those high-speed adventures.

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