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7 of the Best Casinos in Europe

Land-based casinos in Europe generated an estimated gross wins of 31 billion euros in 2015.

The estimated offline gambling revenue (GGR) in Europe in 2020 is 84.3 billion euros.

If you are considering taking your gambling game overseas, Europe is an excellent choice.

This article features a selection of seven of the most elegant European casinos, with the mesmerizing look and sound of slot machines and the gripping aura of a European casino. Read on.

7 Top Choice Casinos in Europe

France has the highest grossing casino gaming revenue in Europe, earning 2.26 billion euros in 2016 alone.

Great Britain grossed 1.17 billion euros, Switzerland grossed 667 million euros, other top-ranking countries include Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Portugal.

Casinos offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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This list contains an excellent choice of casinos for your gambling trip to Europe. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Casino di Campione, Como, Italy

Casino di Campione is one of the largest casinos in Europe and is first on the list of 7 top choice casinos in Europe

It is in the municipality of Campione d’Italia

Some of its features include

  • A record-breaking 590,000 square feet
  • Over 500 slot machines
  • 56 classic casino table games
  • Three restaurants and bars
  • nine floors, three of which are for customer parking space
  • Allows games like Roulette, Blackjack, Chemin de fer, Punto Banco and Video Poker

This casino was built about 100 years ago to attract foreign diplomats and get vital information from them during World War I.

2. Casino Barriere D’enghien-Les-Bains – Paris, France

The Casino Barriere D’enghien-Les-Bains is in Paris, France; and is one of the best casinos in Europe

Its unique features include

  • Belle epoque-style facade
  • Massive windows
  • 43 gaming tables with games like French Roulette, Black Jack, Punto Banco, Poker or English Roulette
  • 500 slot machines
  • 72 Video Poker
  • A vintage theatre which features jazz and comedy shows
  • It is also only 14km away from the Champs-Elysees

It is a lakefront casino, a perfect embodiment of Parisian luxury. Intermittent lights emanating from the slot machines mix with gold-encrusted ceilings that are reminiscent of a Klimt painting

3. Baden-Baden Casino – Germany

This casino built over 270 years ago, is located in Germany and designed like a French palace. Marlene Dietrich described it as the most beautiful casino in the world.

Some of its unique features include

  • 100 slot machines
  • 24 gaming tables
  • Located close to the Caracalla Spa

This casino is not far from the Caracalla Spa. This Caracalla Spa is a wellness temple that has existed for a very long time. You can visit this spa to refuel after a stressful gaming experience.

The Baden-Baden casino is notable for its spa, horse-racing, and casino. It is unique as all of the activities are interconnected

4. Monte Carlo Casino – Monaco

Want to enjoy the thrill of gambling, and to enjoy an ambiance so exhilarating? Visit the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco.

These unique features make it one of the best casinos in Europe:

  • It’s near Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo and the headquarters of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo
  • An exclusive Belle epoque-style
  • Black Jack and Poker are the favorite cards

This casino has been a part of German history for over 150 years as is represented in an exclusive Belle epoque-style.

It gives refined gambling experience. There are high-bidding forms of gambling. Black Jack and Poker are the favorite cards here

5. Dragonara Casino – Malta

Malta boasts of one of the best casinos in Europe, the Dragonara Casino.

The building is a massive, reminiscent of a Greek temple. It is the most popular casino in Malta, located on the cape of St. Julian in Malta.

Its features include

  • Many gaming parlors
  • 300 slot machines
  • 15 gaming tables
  • A poker room that looks like it dives into St. George’s Bay
  • A famous restaurant, the Brasserie restaurant

This casino has been operational since 1964. Claudio Schiavone, an Italian chef, makes Mediterranean cuisine in the Brasserie restaurant

6. The Casino At The Empire – London, UK

Some of the most prominent casino names in the world include Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, The London Club in Cairo, and this one: The Casino at the Empire in the UK.

The relationship between all of them is that Caesars Entertainment runs them.

Some of the stunning features of The Casino at the Empire in the UK are:

  • Square feet of 55,000
  • Over 150 slots and game tables
  • Cash games, poker packages, and tournaments are on the schedule
  • Play the American roulette, blackjack, punto banco, three card poker, and pai gow
  • The Sports Bar and Icon Balcony Bar offer light refreshment
  • A famous restaurant with exquisite cuisines

The casino first opened in 1884. It’s location right in London’s West End in Leicester Square. The poker room of this casino is one of the most well-known of its sort in the UK.

7. Casino Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal

The final casino on this list of the seven best casinos in Europe is the Casino Estoril in Portugal.

Portugal might not be a hive for gambling activity, but this casino is too spectacular for exclusion from this list.

Ian Fleming based his plot on Casino Royale, the first James Bond book, on the Casino Estoril!

Some of its features are:

  • Spans over 26,900 feet
  • 1,235 slots and game tables
  • Provide for variety in the gaming experience
  • Its poker room is one of the well-known ones in Europe
  • 10 bars and restaurants in total

The Play Garden Bar, Lounge D, Casablanca Bar, Blackjack Bar and Jackpot Bar are popular bars in Europe with a presence in the Casino Estoril, in Lisbon.

The Casino Estoril has renowned restaurants like the Nobre Estoril, Mandarim, Clube in Buffet, Zeno Lounge and Restaurant Praia Do Tamariz.

This casino opened in 1916. The Hotel Palacio’s Bar, just beside the casino, was the meeting point for spies during World War I. That is why the bar is now known as the spies bar.

Although open for only 3pm-3am from Sundays to Thursdays, and 4pm-4am on Fridays, Saturdays and Bank Holidays; the Casino Estoril continues to thrive

Now That You Know the Best Casinos in Europe

Depending on your interests, gambling experience level, and budget, you can choose from this list of best-in-class casinos in Europe. Check for reviews about casinos before deciding to use them, that can save you costs and unpleasant experiences.

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